Archie Colgan – “It felt good to take his 0”

With the dust now settled from the exceptional night if violence at Bellator 293, we have had the chance to evaluate what an epic night it was in California.


Explosive performances from the many gifted athletes on the roster kept each and every fan in attendance on the edge of their seats at the packed Pechanga Resort and Casino.


One of the stand out fighters of the night we can all agree was Archie Colgan vs Justin Montalvo, with Archie Colgan making a statement, taking himself to (7-0) in his professional career.


I caught up with Archie last night, to gain some insight into his thoughts of the night.


Archie ‘King’ Colgan (7-0-0) is an American professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Lightweight division, representing Genesis Training Academy. Archie has competed for Legacy Fighting Alliance, Eagle FC And Bellator.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today Archie, and also to congratulate you on your explosive victory at Bellator 293.


“Thank you sir, I appreciate it.”


My pleasure man.


Focused and looking to put on yet another explosive performance when speaking at the press conference days before the violent festivities in California, you put on a masterclass out there, how does it feel to add to your undefeated record?


“It feels good, you know. I wanted this fight because we’re in the same sort of position in our career like, we were both a fight or 2 away from a big step up in competition. Fighting people who are a lot more seasoned in this game, he was undefeated, I was undefeated, he had 4 finishes to his 5 wins, I had 5 finishes to my 6. It was a good test for me to be like, let’s test myself against someone who is just like me. I am that dude, and that’s what we found out, I am that dude, I am exactly what I thought I was. I got the finish, smashed him, it felt good to take his 0, regardless of what happens in his career he’ll always remember me.”


I remember asking you at the press conference, who’s 0 is gonna go. You kept to your word.


“Yeah, he had a lot to say at the weigh-ins and stuff so, I had to get it done.”


You certainly did just that.


Many know of your wrestling prowess, but you put on a masterclass display of your stand-up game out there, was this your approach in your preparations leading up to your collision with Justin?


“Erm, a little bit. If the fight went on I definitely wouldn’t have mixed it up, I took him.down the one time and he got up. But there was definitely gonna be another handful of other takedowns that I was gonna achieve and get in that fight, if we’d had gone into the later rounds, I was definitely gonna get a tag on and continue to get takedowns, but it starts on your feet. I think that he believed that he had an advantage on the feet, like I was gonna be uncomfortable, and just hunt for a takedown. And that’s just not the truth man, and I proved it. I’m not gonna say it’s better, but it’s more effective, and it was gonna get the job done better than he would. It was part of the plan to get in there and strike with him, but I wasn’t going in there looking for a striking battle, it was gonna be a full MMA fight for sure.”



Full of power, especially with your uppercuts, I literally just watched it back a few minutes ago. Definitely in the top 10 of my favourite fights on a Bellator card that’s for sure.


“I love it, thank you.”


You’re very welcome, man.


Your explosive prowess on the night has rewarded you to have skyrocketed the rankings within the division to 10th in the Lightweight rankings, no doubt hearing this news was icing on the cake for you? 


“Yeah. I went right back to my team last night, I was at coaching practice and got the notification from Bellator. I thought, cool they’ve tagged me in another reel I thought,  I saw it was rankings and I was like no way, number 10, that’s what’s up. But that’s just the start you know, it’s dope for sure that I’m getting the recognition for my finishes, 4 fights, 4 finishes, but I tend not to celebrate it.


That’s been doing the rounds around social networks, as well as channelling your inner Triple H after your victory hahaha.


“Hahaha yeah, the Triple H. I had to man, that was awesome, my inner kid was going crazy.”



Hopefully it finds its way to him, and he shares it.


Hahaha, let’s hope so.


It was a night of pure unadulterated organised violence in California that’s for sure, other than your inclusion on the night, were there any particular bouts that stood out for you?


“My former teammate Bryce Meredith’s, he looked really good out there. He took very little damage, he did get hit a few times, but he landed some good shots himself. He took small damage, went out there, took the guy down and made it look like ragdolled his opponent, dominated him and smashed him, he’s a very high-level wrestler. I thought he looked great, ended up getting the finish in the 2nd. He had a great, dominant performance and a dominant win. I think he’s had 4 bouts, with 4 finishes, so he’s doing great too. Mike Hamel also, another former Wyoming wrestler like me, he was there briefly before me so we weren’t teammates but I’m a friend of his. He looked good out there with a head kick finish against another real tough veteran in Nick Browne, the Wyoming Cowboys and showed out, we looked great.”


Yours, Bryce’s and Luke Trainer‘s stood out for me, did you manage to catch Lukes?


“Yeah, Luke did good. Luke and I shared a Locker Room in the back for the warm up, he looked good, he’s a big fella man, all 6ft 5 of him. His finish looked cool, his opponent was a wrestler too. He took him out right away and reversed it, he made that guy look like he didn’t understand what it means to be on bottom. It was a great Rear-naked-choke finish, but the guy didn’t defend very well at all. shout-out Luke Trainer for that, he looked great.”


He’s on such a great run of form, some great work being put in at Brad Pickett’s GB Top Team, they have phenomenal wrestling and Jiu-jitsu coaches there. I highly recommend if ever you’re in England to pay them a visit, it’s a very exceptional place to train.


“Great Britain Top Team, I’ll definitely check them out if ever I’m over in the UK.”


You’ll definitely enjoy the experience.


Completely unscathed at the Pechanga Resort and Casino, many in attendance and around the world will be in high anticipation for your next outing with Scott Coker’s organisation. And no doubt, you’ll be looking to keep/improve on your recently acquired rank.


So what’s next for ‘King’s Colgan?


“Ah man, I’m not sure yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be staying active this year. I have a feeling you guys will see a lot more of me, Bellator’s gonna be seeing a lot of me and if you’re intune with MMA, eventually you’re all gonna get a lot of me. So I have a great feeling youll be seeing more from me, 3 or 4 fights would be ideal for me.”


Definitely more outings on the main card.


“Yes sir.”


With that in mind, the Bellator Lightweight division really does hold some killer’s, and your accomplishments will no doubt have turned some heads on the roster. Is there a dream fight for you within the roster?


“Erm, not really, I guess whoever holds the belt I guess would be the dream fight In my head. I mean it would be cool to one day go out there and fight and beat Usman Nurmagomedov, with his lineage and all that they’ve done for the sport with the name that that name carries for sure. I think it’s either him or AJ Mkee who comes away with the belt at the end of this Lightweight Grand Prix, and we’ll see what’s up after that.”


Bellator definitely has 2 great warriors in AJ and Usman no doubt. I look forward to where you are in your career at the turn of the year.


It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today Archie, I hope you enjoy a well earned break, and I look forward to future announcements on your journey with Bellator.


“Thank you Aaron I appreciate it, and thanks for reaching out. It’s gonna be fun so stay tuned, I’m looking to be active this year.”


I look forward to it man.


Last but not least, do you have a message for the readers and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out to my wife and my kids, my coaches and teammates. And to the people that will be tagging along on my journey, it’s gonna be fun. I’ve only been a professional for 2 years, we’ve only got another 9 to 10 years, so we have a lot of time left. I’m just scratching the surface so jump on board, and we’re gonna ride this to the top.”

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