Dy accuses Farhad of running to ‘Daddy Islam and Papa Khabib’ for help ahead of BRAVE CF 70

Ruel Panales’ coach criticises India’s Bantamweight star for leaving India to prepare for epic Bantamweight rematch in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



The feud between team Farhad and team Panales has rolled over into a three-part drama series ahead of the big rematch, taking place at BRAVE CF 70 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this month. On April 23, India’s Mohammed “Sher-e-Hind” Farhad and Philippines’ Ruel “Bagskik” Panales will look to end their heated rivalry after their first Bantamweight fight was declared a “No Contest” due to Farhad landing an unintentional groin kick to his Filipino opponent. Since that fight, both camps have been at loggerheads after Farhad initially claimed that Panales and his coach Rolando Dy took the ‘easy way out’ by faking an injury before Dy clapped back, insisting that it was Farhad who cheated by ‘kicking the groyne thrice’.


This week, Dy launched a few more barbs at his protege’s more-experienced opponent criticising “Sher-e-Hind” for leaving his country to train elsewhere. The 34-year-old Farhad – renowned for his striking ability with eleven knockouts – has decided to improve his all-round game by travelling to Dagestan to train alongside Islam Makhachev at Khabib school. 


Earlier this week, Farhad was the talk of the town after Khabib School’s global star and Lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, expressed how impressed he was with Farhad’s skill since joining their gym. While the shift may vastly improve Farhad’s chances of becoming the first Indian BRAVE CF champion, Dy called the move a cop-out and questioned the legitimacy of Indian-based MMA training.



“Now you’re asking Daddy Islam and Papa Khabib for help. You are not confident with your MMA camp in India. That speaks volumes, Farhad,” said Dy – the owner of the Philippines’ famous DYincredible Fighting and Fitness Center, where he has been grooming the next generation of Filipino fighters, including the unbeaten Panales, who has amassed four wins and one “No Contest” thus far.


“Ruel has prepared right here in the Philippines with his original team while you are running scared and hoping Daddy Islam can help save your bum life within five weeks,” added the BRAVE CF veteran.


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