Ex-WWE wrestler ‘Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher to fight at Hexagone MMA 8

Former WWE wrestler ‘Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher will be competing in his second MMA bout under the name of Jack Claffey at HEXAGONE MMA 8, as announced in the release of the fight card last week. 


The Englishman will be facing French local, Yassin Chtatou, at Béziers Arena on 3 June, looking to recover from the loss he incurred in his pro MMA debut last year.


Claffey performed on WWE between 2016 and 2020 with the NXT and 205 Live brands. Following a 10-year career on the independent professional wrestling circuit, he debuted with WWE for the tournament Cruiserweight Classic in 2016 to go on to sign with the promotion.


On May 6, 2022, 33-year-old Mancunian took his first bare-knuckle boxing fight with BKFC to score a KO victory. He also has a 2–0 record at amateur level in MMA.


See below for the HEXAGONE MMA 8 fight card so far.





World Featherweight CHAMPIONSHIP – Men’s 65.8kg / 145 lbs:

Dean Garnett (UK, 10-2-1) vs. Lucas Corbage (11-1, Argentine)


Lightweight Bout – Men’s 70.3kg / 155lbs:

Ben Lakhdhar (6-0-1, France) vs. Wanderson Barcelos (6-1, Brazil)


Middleweight Bout – Men’s 83.9kg / 185 lbs:

Antony Réa (38-15, France) vs. Mohamed El Dwansy (12-10, Egypt)


Strawweight Bout – Women’s 52.2kg / 115lbs:

 -52kg F Karla Benitez (19-16-1, Venezuela) vs.  Ielo Page (7-5, France)


Middleweight Bout – Men’s 83.9 kg / 185lbs:

Laïd Zerhouni (10-8, France) VS Michal Dobias (11-11, Slovakia)


Featherweight Bout – Men’s 65.8kg / 145 lbs: Jack Claffey (0-1, England) VS Yassin Chtatou (1-2-1, France)


Featherweight Bout – Men’s 65.8kg / 145 lbs:

Quentin Arola (3-5, France) VS Parwaiz Arabzai (4-3, France via Afghanistan)


Catchweight Bout – Men’s 80kg:

Frankie Rollandt (4-6, Carcassonne, France) VS Allan Taibi (2-5, France)


Welterweight Bout – Men’s -77.1 kg/ 170 lbs :

Mathieu RAKOTONDRAZANANY (2-3, France) VS Fernando Calvo (5-3, Spain)





– June 3, 2023: HEXAGONE MMA 8 at the Arena of Béziers


– June 17, 2023: HEXAGONE MMA 9 at the Reims Arena


– July 28, 2023: HEXAGONE MMA 10 at the ancient theater of Orange


Purchase tickets for Hexagone MMA 8,9 and 10 here.

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