Regian Eersel – “you will see only violence”

ONE Championship has once again set the ball rolling for yet another night of pure unadulterated organised violence for yet another barn burner for the fans at ONE Fight Night 11.


A star studded line-up is set in stone for June 10th, where the fighters we all know and love to witness out there will once again take centre stage and give fight fans a night to remember.


Headlining the night will be Regian Eersel, defending his Lightweight Muay-Thai strap against Dmitry Menshikov at what’s set to be a sold out Lumpinee Boxing stadium in Bangkok.


I had the opportunity to speak with one half of this explosive Main-Event Regian Eersel, to get some insight into what to expect The Big Mango.


Regian ‘The Immortal’ Eersel (13-1-0) is a Surinamese-Dutch Professional Kickboxer/Muay-Thai fighter currently competing in the Lightweight division, representing Sityodtong Amsterdam. Regian has competed for Heroes Gate, Lion Fight Promotions, and ONE Championship, where he is the current holder of the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing and Muay-Thai Championship.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, Regian, and also to congratulate you on your Main-Event inclusion to the ONE Fight Night 11 card.


“Thank you.”


My pleasure Regian.


I hope preparations have been going well in the build-up to your highly anticipated title defence?


“Yeah, preparations have been going really well recently, I’m looking forward to getting back out there.”


That’s great to hear, and I’m sure that there are many that will share in your joy to compete once again. 


ONE Championship has played host to some of the world’s most exciting talents, capable of putting on a brutal demonstration of their prolific skill-sets over the years. When the fans reflect on the greatest warriors to have been a part of Chatri Sityodtong’s organisation, no doubt your name is on many fans lists.



How does it feel to be held in such high regard by the fans?


“To be in that category feels good, you know, it’s been one of my goals. When I started out in Martial Arts and Kickboxing it was always a goal to be an outstanding fighter and on top of the world, now I’ve achieved that it’s a satisfying feeling.”


And to remain undefeated under the banner as well, is an outstanding achievement.


“Thank you, thank you.”


My pleasure Regian.


Your violent escapades since joining the roster back in 2019, remaining undefeated in 8 outings thus far, securing both Kickboxing and Muay-Thai Lightweight Championships have left many in awe.


As we approach your 9th appearance for the Singaporean promotion, no doubt you hold some fond memories with ONE.


Out of these exceptional wars, will there always be a moment that will forever hold a special place for you?


“That’s a difficult question, because each fight holds a special place because each opponent is different from the other. But I think my fight with Arian Sadiković is a special one, because I got my 1st 8 count in ONE Championship. I had to dig deep for the 8 count you know, because I didn’t want to lose the fight, so I had to dig everything out of the closet to secure that win.”



That was an absolutely incredible bout, I remember that one very well. I remember forgetting what time it was in the UK and I was shouting at the TV, much to the disgusti of my neighbours, hahaha.




Your previous 2 victorious outings have been against the relatively newcomer to ONE Championship, Sinsamut Klinmee.


Combat sports fans have become a custom to trilogies over recent years, would this be something you’d entertain with Sinsamut?



“Hahaha, that’s a good question. But for now, no, as it was so recent. But if he keeps winning, and knocking people out like he did before, then of course as he’s earned another shot for the title. If I’m still champion at that time, then the trilogy will happen but for now, no.”


I, for one, would definitely be interested in that trilogy.


Looking forward, you are once again set to defend the gold, taking on Dmitry Menshikov.


What do you make of Dmitry as you prepare to collide in Bangkok?



“Well I knew him from Glory of course, and he was ranked number 2 there and has a very good KO percentage. He’s very good with his Boxing and Muay-Thai skills, from what I’ve seen of him. He’s a dangerous opponent, these Russian guys are dangerous you know, they love to fight. It’s not the 1st time I’ve gone against a Russian fighter, it’s always a hard fight hahaha. I’m looking forward to it, I like a challenge and I know he will come to fight, this will only bring out the better version of me you know.”


Well worthy of the Main-Event status, it’s definitely one not to miss.


Looking down the 2023 calendar, have you set yourself any personal objectives?


“For this year the goal was to travel the world and focus a little more on my family, and my girls. For my Kickboxing career, I want to defend my Kickboxing belt another 5 times. If I succeed, I will be 10 times Kickboxing Champion of ONE Championship. For the Muay-Thai belt I don’t have a specific goal yet, because the belt was an opportunity that was laid before me and I don’t decline a challenge. I’m going to defend it of course, but it’s not something I’ve set any goals for as of yet.”


There have been many warriors of ONE that have made the switch to MMA, most recently, Stamp Fairtex. Would you personally ever entertain the MMA path in the future?


“For now no, but for the future, possibly. If ONE comes to me with a good offer, I will consider it of course. For now, the main goal is Kickboxing and Muay-Thai but as I said, if ONE comes to me with a good offer then why not.”


I’m a huge fan of Kickboxing and Muay-Thai, it’s always an amazing thing to witness the transition to MMA, very dangerous indeed. Stamp pulled off an amazing win recently and if that’s a future possibility for you, I bet many would be highly interested in that.


“Yeah, I agree.”


Looking ahead to ONE Fight Night 11, yet another star-studded line-up is set to take the roof off of the Lumpinee Boxing stadium for the absolutely stacked ONE Fight Night 11 card.


Other than your inclusion on the night, are there any confirmed fighter’s or bouts in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“Yes of course, hahaha. You already know I think, but I’m going to be looking out for the bout between Nieky Holzken and Arian Sadiković. They are my old opponents you know, so I’m curious how their fight is gonna go. And also Superbon Singha Mawynn vs Tayfun Özcan, that’s also gonna be a great fight. So those are the 2 fights I’ll be looking to specifically on th3 night.”


We share something in common, I’m also looking forward to Superbons collision with Tayfun, such an explosive card that’s for sure.


“This I agree with also.”


It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today Regian, I wish you all the best for your preparations and I look forward to witnessing you out there once again.


“Thank you, it’s been good speaking with you.”


Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance at what’s set to be a sold out Lumpinee Boxing stadium?


“My message to the fans is don’t miss this, it’s a great fight card with a lot of great fighters. And of course, me in th3 Main-Event against a rough Russian guy so it’s gonna be a war. My motto now is violence, and you will see only violence that night hahaha.


Catch Regian and many more phenomenal athletes take centre stage on June 10th for the ONE Fight Night 11, you will certainly not be disappointed.


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