Watch as Michael Bisping Puts Jackass Star to Sleep in the Octagon!

In an unexpected turn of events after UFC Vegas 73, Jackass star Steve-O found himself on the receiving end of former MMA champion Michael Bisping’s formidable skills. What began as a lighthearted encounter quickly escalated when Bisping applied a chokehold on the TV stuntman, leading to Steve-O losing consciousness. Let’s dive into the details of this unique post-fight spectacle.

A Chokehold Showdown

Following the conclusion of UFC Vegas 73, Steve-O bravely stepped into the octagon with Michael Bisping, known for his middleweight reign in the UFC. In a matter of seconds, Bisping swiftly took Steve-O down to the mat, signalling his intention to execute a chokehold. Despite briefly assuring everyone that he was okay, Steve-O eventually succumbed to the manoeuvre, slipping into unconsciousness.

A Concerned Champion

Once Bisping released the hold, he tapped Steve-O on the chest, ensuring his revival and well-being after the unexpected knockout. Marvin Vettori, a current UFC fighter, also joined in on the stunt, applying a chokehold to streamer and podcaster SteveWillDoIt. The entire episode was filmed for Bisping’s YouTube channel, adding to the unique nature of the encounter.

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Jackass Legacy and Previous Chokeholds

Steve-O rose to fame as part of the iconic Jackass crew, renowned for their daring stunts and pranks. Notably, this isn’t the first time Steve-O has experienced the intensity of a chokehold. He had previously been rendered unconscious in skits involving MMA fighters Glover Teixeira and Chuck Liddell. However, the confrontation with Bisping marked the first time such an incident took place inside the UFC Octagon, delivering the quickest impact on the entertainer.

Bisping’s Transition and Event Commentary

Hailing from Lancashire, Michael Bisping retired from MMA in 2018 and has since forged a successful career as a commentator, analyst, actor, and presenter. His presence at UFC Vegas 73 allowed him to witness the main event, where Mackenzie Dern emerged victorious against Angela Hill. Bisping conveyed his congratulations to Dern at the end of the YouTube clip, praising her striking and jiu-jitsu skills.

A Comedic Twist and UFC Fandom

In a lighthearted moment captured in the full video, Bisping humorously confirmed with Steve-O that there would be no legal consequences following the encounter. Steve-O’s deep passion for UFC is well-known, as he is frequently spotted attending the promotion’s major events. This unique interaction between a Jackass star and a former UFC champion created quite a buzz among fans and spectators alike.

The post-UFC Vegas 73 excitement reached unexpected heights as Michael Bisping applied a chokehold on Steve-O, resulting in the stuntman losing consciousness. Bisping’s transition to commentating and Steve-O’s affiliation with the world of entertainment made this encounter all the more captivating. While it was an unconventional spectacle, it showcased the enduring appeal and surprising connections between MMA and popular culture.

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