Norwegian MMA Federation Release Statement On Current IMMAF Issues

Dear IMMAF Federations,

A few weeks ago we all got the message about the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) with the purpose to remove both the founder and co founder of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federations (IMMAF), August Wallen our honorary President as well as George Sallfeldt, our elected Vice President.

This letter we will adress some of the issues the Norwegian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF) would like an answer to. First of all, isn’t it strange that suddenly at least one fifth of the IMMAF Federations have called for an EGM? Why is it not revealed which Federations have called for the EGM? Especially since article 10.3 in the IMMAF statues states that «Members have the right to be informed of the state of IMMAF». Has this gone through the board to secure it’s legality? Are all the Federations eligible to call for an EGM?

Second. The NMMAF finds it strange that this situation has not gone through a disciplinary committee of some sorts. Yes, It is true that the Federations have the power to call for an EGM, but when these calls are coming in, should not the IMMAF take action or did every call for an
EGM come within a short time? If they did, does it somehow feel coordinated?

Third. According to the letter they want to remove our founder/ co-founder because they have spread false information about the running of the IMMAF. What are the substance of these rumours? What are these so called lies? Is it plausible that our founder and co-founder
would actually try to hurt the IMMAF? Are the so called lies just that different board members have different views? Should it be possible to remove someone for different opinions?

Fourth. Should not the accused have the time and right to defend themselves? How is this possible when the accusations are so vague? Is the idea that the accusations will be revealed at the EGM? So the defendants have no time to prepare any sort of defence?

Here in Norway we have a strong history of being democratic which means that every voice counts. This will be a historical IMMAF event and the NMMAF would like to challenge every Federation to take part and let Your voice be heard. MMA history will be written and the
NMMAF hopes that every Federation can look themselves in the mirror after the EGM.

The goal with this letter is not to influence anyone on how to act, but to act. What we are looking for is that every Federation take an active stance in these matters, come to the EGM, ask the questions You wish to have answered and vote for what You believe is right!
On behalf of the Norwegian MMA Federation (NMMAF)
President Henning Svendse

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