Finland Pull Out Of IMMAF Youth Championship

Finland Pull Out Of IMMAF Youth Championship

To IMMAF board and Federations.

We would like to express our concerns regarding the upcoming EGM. The only agenda for the meeting is to remove honorary President August Wallen and Vice President George Sallfeldt.

For us it sounds a bit strange with the information we have. For the EGM to be legal there need to be 1/5 of the Federations calling it. So we sent a mail to Gosha Malik (Director of Members Services ) and asked about the situation. She promised that Densign White (CEO) is going to answer our questions about what countries did call the EGM. Waited for a week and asked again and got answer from Gosha ”Sorry for a delay. The information will be provided at the EGM. Members didn’t agree to share their details. We need to respect their privacy.” Sounds even more worrying for us.

We in Finland believe democracy and transparency in decision-making. This kind of secrecy is not what we believe in, it only raises more questions. That’s why we want to respectfully request again IMMAF board to give us copies of all the letters from member federations that have requested an upcoming EGM. Why the meeting is even called for removing Wallen and Sallfeldt? It feels like Wallen and Sallfeldt have brought problems to the Federations awareness and after that they are accused of lying and spreading rumours. It seems that they want to silence the critics by firing them for having different opinions and concerns about the IMMAF‘s future.

Mistakes can be made, as long as you learn from them. But when you try to hide things and blame others, you are on the wrong path. The board should be there for us, Federations, not for their own agenda. That’s why we hope to see all the Federations on EGM and let your voice to be heard.

We like to also inform that Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation will not be attending the IMMAF Youth World Championships this August. This decision is based on a safeguarding issue involving a national team coach, the way these issues was handled by IMMAF and as well as due to the other obscurity mentioned above.

Sincerely Aleksi Kainulainen On behalf of the Finnish MMA Federation

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