A Message From Ukraine Federation to Every Federation About The IMMAF Crisis

Ukrainian MMA Federation President’s Message

Dear national MMA Federations presidents! I appeal to you as Ukrainian MMA Federation president. As you know Ukraine has been bringing one of the largest teams to World and European Championships. Last 2 years Ukraine Youth Team has been the best in overall medal count.

Even during the ongoing war we managed not just to bring a large contingent but to become the best among youth in the world and both Juniors and Seniors in Europe. Our goal was to give hope to our kids, promise them future beyond war. What happens with IMMAF now concerns us a lot!

Each of us put much effort to elevate our beloved sport to the level it’s currently at. We can not afford to just sit still and watch. The future of our kids depends only on coordinated team work. The majority of the staff is either fired or left. We used to communicate with them on a daily basis.

Firing of Director of Regulatory Affairs led to a considerable drop in the judging quality during the World’s in Serbia. SafeMMA left IMMAF and we don’t understand how to proceed with medical affairs in the wake of Youth World’s, although registration opened a long time ago.

Since IMMA leadership hasn’t been able to come to terms, I officially suggest we should act according to the statute regulations. I appeal to every national federation with a voting right to initiate a general meeting and produce the verdict of the current situation. Our duty is to maintain quality of MMA and uphold its development momentum. We owe it to our athletes.

President NMMAFU * Україна *ФЕДЕРАТЯ сдироверс Soccee. центифікашин код 3686755 180 Serhiy Samoilenko

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