IMMAF Letter To Members About The EGM To Remove The Founders August Wallen And George Sallfeldt

IMMAF Letter To Members About The EGM To Remove The Founders August Wallen And George Sallfeldt

Dear members.

The Extraordinary General Meeting called by one fifth of the members with voting rights will take place on Saturday 3rd June 2023 on the Livestorm platform.

You will shortly receive a notification by email asking you to register which will give you access to the meeting. Only those members who have paid their annual fee to IMMA will be eligible to vote. In the month of March this year the IMMA administration received five letters demanding an EGM to address the ongoing campaign to destabilise the International Federation led by August Wallen and George Sallfeldt. Since the number of members with voting rights in March was 24 members the one fifth threshold to trigger an EGM was reached. Since then, another 23 letters of support were received and an overwhelming support from others ov emails and calls.

During the Extra General Meeting the members present will be able to see all of the letters and hear from those federations calling for the meeting. Of course, every effort has been made to ensure the legality of this meeting and you can read the attached opinion of the Swiss lawvers consulted on this matter Gros & Waltensphul know that many of you are disappointed that you have not received more information sooner.

However, have a professional responsibility to protect the organisations Data and individual members who mav become victims of this campaign of hostility. spin and misinformation all driven through social media. This meeting was called by the members for the members. All of them with a passion for this sport and want to see it flourish and grow, and not for any selfish or political reasons.

We are going to be conducting our business in the appropriate manner with integrity and full transparency and in accordance with our statutes. To underpin this desire for fairness we have appointed an independent moderator the Geoff Wilson consultancy. I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday where I hope that we can reach a solution to the recent upheavals and look Toward to many successful years ahead for our sport including recognition within the Olympic family of sports

Regards Densign White MBE


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