New Zealand MMA Federation Quits IMMAF

The New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Federation have announced its resignation from The IMMAF the day after IMMAF removed founding members August Wallen and George Sallfeldt at an EGM meeting

TRhere statement in full

The New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Federation would like to announce its resignation from The IMMAF.

Due to what we have witnessed recently, we feel like they have manipulated their own systems and practices causing disrepute to our sport and their own protocols. This resignation from The IMMA is immediately in effect as of today Sunday 4th of June 2023. We will still be the National Sanctioning Organisation for Mixed Martial Arts in New Zealand

Regards Terry Hill President New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Federation

Several Federations have already pulled out from the upcoming IMMAF youth championships over safe guarding issues and recently IMMAF have seen key staff leave, public outcry against the management and major democratic and financial issues – as well as a complete lack of transparency.

Also the Italian Federation recently asked the IMMAF board to step down to save IMMAF and to pave the way for a new era of transparency, accountability, and unity within our organization.

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