Abe Alsaghir Aspires to Be Dana White’s Contender Series’ First American-Lebanese Athlete

Abe Alsaghir Aspires to Be Dana White’s Contender Series’ First American-Lebanese Athlete

Abe Alsaghir is a remarkable talent.

Across six amateur and two professional bouts, “The Killer” is undefeated, securing both the WXC Lightweight Championship, and Lights Out Championship Lightweight Championship as an amateur. With four wins via submission, and three KO/TKO victories, Alsaghir has only gone the distance once.

Yet what makes Alsaghir remarkable extends beyond his results.

Indeed, the 22-year-old only began MMA after graduating high school; moreover, it was his first sporting venture.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Alsaghir immigrated to America with his family in 2016, as a 15-year-old. Only upon attending an event in America alongside his coach, whom he knew through family prior to training, did Alsaghir realise a desire to pursue MMA.

Thus, training at Detroit Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Dearborn, Michigan, Alsaghir set into motion a transcendence from amateur debutant to 2-0 professional in less than 19 months.

Naturally, many assume Alsaghir’s nickname – “The Killer” – reflects his propensity for finishing his bouts. Rather, the nickname was bestowed upon him by fellow gym-goers, who recognised his high work ethic; despite Alsaghir having two-years away on military service, the nickname remained upon his return.

Yet, with his proven high work-ethic, Alsaghir remains most committed to his faith. Ahead of his professional debut, Alsaghir fasted as he trained during Ramadan; even when breaking fast, Alsaghir would still adhere to a strict diet.

Having quickly built a 2-0 professional record in under two months, Alsaghir now targets a return towards the end of September. Whilst not looking past that return, Alsaghir has Dana White’s Contender Series 2024 in his sights, with hopes of becoming Contender Series’ first American-Lebanese athlete.

Admittedly, at just 22-years-old, Alsaghir recognises there is no rush.

What is certain, however, is Abe Alsaghir is one to watch.

The author extends his utmost gratitude to Abe Alsaghir for making this article possible.

Image courtesy of Abe Alsaghir.

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