BRAVE CF adds two huge events to International Combat Week in Bahrain

BRAVE Combat Federation, one of the most globally renowned MMA organisations, is wrapping up the year 2023 with a bang. Adding to the excitement generated by previously announced shows in Spain, Indonesia, and Brazil, BRAVE CF has introduced two additional events to the third edition of the BRAVE International Combat Week (BICW) this year.

BRAVE CF 77 and BRAVE CF 79 are scheduled for December 5 and December 8, respectively. Nestled between these two events is BRAVE CF 78, taking place in Fortaleza, Brazil, on December 7. This trio of shows is the prelude to BRAVE CF 80, which is set to be the grand finale of the BRAVE International Combat Week.

BICW, considered the largest combat sports festival globally, has voyaged across the world this year. It marked its debut appearances in Europe (in Serbia) and South America (in Colombia). Now, the BRAVE International Combat Week returns to its roots in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The BICW will feature three professional BRAVE CF events, along with the IMMAF Asian Championships, held in association with the AMMAF (Asian MMA Federation) and the IMMAF (International MMA Federation).

The year 2023 has been exceptional for BRAVE Combat Federation, boasting record-breaking achievements. It not only hosted the first BICW editions outside of Bahrain but also became the only MMA organization to be hosted in 29 countries – a remarkable number that will soon become 30 with BRAVE CF’s debut in Spain on November 18 for BRAVE CF 75. A week later, BRAVE CF 76 will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. Subsequently, the organization will thrill fans with four sensational events in December, including its first Brazilian event in four years and a trio of shows during the BRAVE International Combat Week.

Here’s a snapshot of BRAVE CF’s end-of-year schedule:

  • November 18: BRAVE CF 75 in Tenerife, Spain
  • November 25: BRAVE CF 76 in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • December 5: BRAVE CF 77 in Isa Town, Bahrain
  • December 7: BRAVE CF 78: Victorious in Fortaleza, Brazil
  • December 8: BRAVE CF 79 in Isa Town, Bahrain
  • December 15: BRAVE CF 80 in Isa Town, Bahrain

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