Jonas Mågård vs Jack Cartwright draws near

As the 2023 MMA calendar year draws to a close, we have been treated to some of, if not the most explosive year of Mixed Martial Arts mayhem spanning multiple promotions.


For one organisation in particular, it has been one other biggest yet. As many fight fans will know, OKTAGON MMA has skyrocketed in 2023, filling arenas to their capacity and this year has had a huge influx to the roster. And with the hard work put in by all involved, they established themselves as one of Europe’s fastest growing shows of the sport we all know and love.


From a Big Brother type reality TV show ‘OKTAGON Challenge’ featuring the best of the Irish and English amateur scene, to a huge celebrity fight featuring comedy legend Paul Smith and reality TV star Jake Quickenden. As well as a tournament based showcase with Tipsport Gamechanger, OKTAGON have shown that they are set to make a huge impact in not only the violence of the cage, but also the entertainment factor that comes with the pure unadulterated organised violence.





Making their UK debut also this year at the AO Arena in Manchester for OKTAGON MMA 48, we were treated to the birth of what they have in store for us in 2024.



This debut was followed by their intentions for the UK, relaying their plans for more action in Britain along with a huge influx of UK and Irish talent to the roster for OKTAGON MMA 52 in Newcastle on January 27th.



And two warriors in particular have quickly been highlighted as one not to be missed at the Utilita arena, when Redline TC / Manchester Top Team’s Jonas Mågård and SBG Manchester’s Jack Cartwright collide that night.


making his debut for the Czech Republic giant’s back in 2021, Mågård fastly made his intentions known with his new home. Climbing the roster to eventually claim Bantamweight gold at OKTAGON MMA 41. Though it was a short reign, Mågård has definitely made a huge impact and will no doubt see his upcoming inclusion in Newcastle as a path back to another golden opportunity.



Cartwright made his OKTAGON MMA debut in Manchester, gaining victory and also making his intentions known to the new home of his fight career. He is fully motivated to show everyone in attendance what he plans as he looks to climb the ranks, and who better to face than ex-champion Mågård as his golden dream takes form.



We’ve recently had a taste of what’s to come at the start of 2024, with both warriors going back and forth at a recent event, a press conference and up close and personal at a recent face to face interview.



Below, you’ll find all that has led to what is set to be an absolute barn burner for OKTAGON MMA’s second trip to UK shores.


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Tickets are still available for the fireworks To come for OKTAGON MMA 52, make sure to follow the link here to grab your place for the evening’s violent festivities.

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