CW stateside fireworks: A sign of things to come?

Since Cage Warriors established themselves in the US back in 2021 at CW126, we have had so many incredible athletes add their prolific skill-sets to the ever-growing roster. Chasen Blair, Kyle Driscoll, Wilson Reis, Corvan Allen, the list goes on and on.


With these phenomenal warriors’ resumes adding up across the pond, many have made the trip to the UK in their desire to Don the famous yellow gloves in the home of Graham Boylan’s iconic promotion.


And as time goes by, more from the CW stateside roster have expressed their intentions and desire to compete on UK soil. In a recent interview with MMA UK, Corvan Allen now 2 for 2 under the cage Warriors banner, added his name.

Back at the tail end of 2022 at the Indigo at the O2, we were treated to the Supercard of CW148: Team Europe vs Team USA. Both teams put on wars that kept each and every fan in attendance on the edge of their seats.


Most noticeably the showdown for Light-Heavyweight gold between Modestas Bukauskas and Chuck Campbell.


as well as Chasen Blair vs Helio Hernandez.

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With just over a year passing, and the fireworks becoming more and more noticeable in stateside Cage Warriors barn burners, it leaves a huge question on many fight fans minds. When will we see Team Europe vs Team USA once again?


Only time will tell, but if recent events are anything to go by, my personal opinion is we’re closer than ever.

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