Michael Venom Page UFC win

MVP Dominates Holland

Michael ‘Venom’ Page made his UFC debut today and what a statement it was.


Fighting 13th-ranked Kevin Holland, who has become a great all-round fighter was never going to be an easy introduction, but MVP made a statement tonight.


Labeled as a ‘can crusher’ Michael ‘Venom’ Page created the ultimate puzzle for Holland. His slick striking posed a problem that Holland couldn’t find a solution to. What we were left with was a beautiful display of Page’s point fighting style, mixed with great clinch work. 


During this 3-round fight, MVP displayed that he was able to not only control the octagon at range but also out-clinch a seasoned UFC fighter.


The first round started as we expected, with MVP bouncing on his feet and trying to find those openings with his hands down. 


He was slick, moving in and out, creating confusion for Holland right from the get-go.


As the fight progressed, the puzzled look on Holland’s face grew stronger and stronger.


Throughout rounds 2 & 3, Holland tried to initiate control in the clinch, but MVP had this figured out, he managed to find clinch control and re-open the opportunities for his stylish striking.


Arguably winning every round, he showed that he was ready for the step up in class and competition.


Nobody has faced a fighter like MVP and at 36 he may be just entering his prime in the UFC.


What’s next for Page is unknown, but ultimately a matchup with Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson would excite us all. He has a beautiful style that has captured all of our dreams. Maybe a matchup with the champ isn’t too far away…


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