‘Suga’ Retains Gold

‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley walks out again to ‘superstar’, he showed us last time he was exactly as he said he was but this time out was always going to be different. He had a loss he was desperate to avenge, and we all knew he was going to walk out with a vengeance.


Round one was a feeling-out process, with both fighters fainting and gaging their range, Suga was mixing up shots and trying to pose a problem for Vera which at the moment he seemed to have under control. 


Round two started much the same, a nice spinning kick grazed Vera early. Suga showed his speed advantage, with some excellent combinations and some clean knees that rocked the challenger. Round 2 easily went to the champ.


In round 3 Suga continued to display his slick striking skills, he was efficient in every attack. Chito struggling to keep up with the footwork, took no chances and easily found himself on the losing side of this round. 


As we entered the penultimate round, Chito showed some intent by putting pressure on the champion. By turning it into a dog fight he began to find success, but as the round progressed O’Malley got back into his natural rhythm that was keeping him on top all fight.


Suga comes out in the fifth round and hurts Vera early. Vera spent the beginning part of the round covering up. For the rest of the fight, O’Malley just found openings and picked him apart. Beautiful work.


A dominant display by Sean O’Malley, tonight UFC 299 ended with a masterclass by Suga. 


Suga is only getting better, so watch out, the superstar is coming…

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