UFC 299: Who’s Next for Michael Venom Page?

Michael “Venom” Page (MVP) thrilled fans with a decisive win at UFC 299, sparking excitement about his future in the organisation. This article explores potential matchups and ponders his next move within the stacked welterweight division.

The “Venom” Legacy

A decorated kickboxer, MVP transitioned to MMA, captivating audiences with his flashy striking and unorthodox techniques. His reign in Bellator MMA solidified his reputation, etching his name amongst the promotion’s elite.

A Dream Realized: Arrival in the UFC

December 2023 marked a turning point. Signing with the UFC, MVP’s debut against Kevin Holland proved his dominance. A unanimous decision victory cemented his arrival in the world’s premier MMA organization.

The Road Ahead

Ranked #13, the welterweight division offers a plethora of exciting possibilities. From established contenders to rising stars, potential matchups abound.

Potential Opponents

  • Sean Brady (#8):  Sean Brady holds a notable record of 16-1 and is coming off a win against Kelvin Gastelum. A matchup between Brady and MVP would be intriguing, showcasing Brady’s grappling prowess against MVP’s unorthodox striking.

  • Stephen Thompson (#9):  Stephen Thompson, known for his elite striking and karate background, presents an interesting challenge for MVP. With a record of 17-7-1, Thompson’s experience and striking acumen could test MVP’s unorthodox style in a compelling matchup.

  • Geoff Neal (#10):  Geoff Neal, with a record of 15-6, is a skilled striker with knockout power. A bout between Neal and MVP could be a striking clinic, with both fighters known for their dynamic striking abilities.

A UK Showdown?

Rumours of a UFC event in Manchester this summer have fans buzzing. A main card featuring MVP against any of these rivals would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, especially considering his electrifying fighting style.

A Future Filled with Promise

MVP’s UFC 299 victory marks a significant chapter in his career. His exceptional skills and boundless potential ensure an exciting journey for fans worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on his next fight and witness “Venom” continue to leave his mark on the UFC welterweight division.

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