Whats next for the UFC Dublin Winners?


UFC Dublins Main Event Winners
UFC Fight Night 46 – Dublin Main Event Winners

With a dominant performance and therefore backing up all the talk, Conor Mcgregor extinguished Diego Brandao with a combination of a vicious body shot that appeared to slow Brandao as he winced against the cage, as The Notorious one unloaded catching Brandao with punches to the face and dropping him to the floor, being finished via ground and pound before referee Leon Roberts jumped in to stop the fight.

In the Co-Main event, Mcgregor team mate Gunnar Nelson displayed his impressive grappling skills in the second round to defeat an experienced Zak Cummings via Rear Naked Choke in round 2. The very large Cummings who has previously and successfully fought at middleweight and light heavyweight gave Nelson problems in the first round but neither appeared in any real danger. Though when Nelson got it to the ground in round 2, it was a different story.


The other main event winners we’re Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ Mccall and ‘Stormin’ Norman Parke who both defeated their foes in dominant performances as well.

Whats next for these fighters?

Conor Mcgregor – Cole Miller – This is match up that has to happen. It’s no secret they don’t like eachother. Miller may not be the highest calibre opponenet for the very vocal Mcgregor but he is a respected veteran of the promotion, and the bad blood will make this fight interesting.

Gunnar Nelson VS Demian Maia/Mike Pyle Winner. I would like to see Gunnar against another experienced grappler who won’t be out of their depth on the matt. Either of these two fighters would provide such a challenge

Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ Mccall VS (Ali Bagautinov if he wasn’t suspended) but in that case I think he should fight the loser of Cariaso and Johnson. If Johnson loses the belt, the bad blood between him and Mccall would make this an interesting 3rd fight for these men and would legitimise a shot at the title for Uncle Creepy. If Caraiso loses to Johnson, again a win over him would cement Mccall’s worthiness towards a shot at the belt.

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke VS Diego Sanchez – British MMA turd Gareth Davies believes that Norman Parke should be aiming up for someone higher on the ladder within the UFC. Again, I totally disagree with this. Diego Sanchez is a very tough fighter to beat as when he steps him the cage, you are fighting four men. One in the cage, and the other three judging it. Diego is a well known name and whether you agree with his wins or not, they are wins over capable competition. A win over Diego, and a a dominant one at that would definately justify Norman getting a top 15 opponent such as Maynard. There is no rush, don’t bite off too much too soon, Norman has the potential to be great. He’s a top guy and a full blown character as well,


What do you think?


Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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