UFC 178 – Full Video And Funny Quotes From Conor McGregor


Conor McGregor has always been sharp with his tongue, a master self promotion. Love him or hate him, for a guy with 2 fights in the UFC he is getting his name everywhere.

McGregor on Dustin Poirier – 

” Dustin’s a little pea head. He thinks it’s all talk, when he walks up with his nose plastered over the other side of his face, he’s gonna see it’s not all talk. “

“All you gotta do is look at Dustin’s last fights. In his last fight he fought a TUF reject, nobody gave a shit about that fight. He got wobbled about 40 times, his chin is deteriorating. Every fight he’s in, he gets one knee, a gust of wind and he does the chicken dance coming up against me, that’s not gonna be good. I’m gonna hit him with a jab, and then i’m gonna put him away. It’s gonna be a round 1 KO mark my words. “

“Dustin you get wobbled in every fight, you get dropped in every fight. You get put to one knee in every fight.”

“As weaknesses, obviously his chin. Don’t get me wrong I like the kid, he’s a quiet little hill billy from the back arse of nowhere. I have nothing against the guy, you know what I mean. I’m sure he grew up in a circus or fair, he probably grew up in a circus, Cletus, his cousins problem named Cletus, but he’s a nice kid. His chin is gonna be cracked, and it’s gonna be cracked early. He main evented one UFC and lost. I main had a main event in my hometown and won, he will know pretty soon im experienced, and he will know he’s in over his head. He will wake up and he will bow before me.”

McGregor on Dennis Siver – 

“My thoughts on Dennis Siver? He’s a midget German steroid head, congratulations if you think I am celebrating my rank number 9, I don’t give a shit about rankings, in my mind I’m number 1. When they see Dustin’s head clang of that canvas, they will all know.”

McGregor on Himself – 

“I’m just doing me, this is who I am. I like to look good and whup ass, it’s what I do best. I’m not tyring to be nobody but me. September 27th I’m gonna rip Dustins head clean off. 

McGregor on Pro Wrestling-

” I used to like it when I was about three years old, this is real shit, that’s fake shit, so…”

McGregor on Style

“This is a big event, if you give me half a chance to wear a suit then I am gonna come in wearing a custom made suit, made from scratch, fitted with the fabric perfectly on my fantastic physique”

McGregor on Fighting in Dustin’s hometown

It’s not his hometown, he’s from some back end hometown out in Mississipi, Vegas is more my hometown, look at him and look at me, who looks more Vegas up on this stage? You know what I mean, Las Vegas is the fighting capital of the world and they are going to lay their eyes on a true fighting Irish man and we can all celebrate in it.”

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