VanZant Thought She’d Fight Herrig Because “They’re The Hot Girls”

hqdefault two girls

The UFC announced a strawweight fight between Felice Herrig and Paige Van Zant, and although Van Zant is happy with the fight, she believes the two were matched up for ulterior motives.

I always had on the back of my mind that me and Felice would fight, because we’re the hot girls in the sport. So I kind of got myself ready for that. She’s been around for a long time, and she’s been somewhat of a veteran in the sport. Just to be fighting her, and to be at her level in as honor. I looked up to her when I first started the sport. She was someone who I wanted to follow in her footsteps. Now to be on the same playing field and the same level as her, it’s exciting. I’m really excited about this fight.”


paige-vanzant-vs-felice-herrig feliceherrig11



does everyone agree? hot or not?

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