UFC Now Ep. 202: Top 5 Anderson Silva Finishes

UFC Now Ep. 202: Top 5 Anderson Silva Finishes


Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian list their Top 5 Anderson Silva finishes.

Anderson Silva conquers up images of brutality and amazing knockouts. Although his last couple of MMA fights could be considered disappointing, he is still the most feared MMA knockout specialist. Sure he toys with opponents at will but we all know what Anderson Silva is capable of.

I think back on the fights that I’ve seen with Anderson Silva finishing in dramatic fashion. I’m sure most fans MMA think about the Rich Franklin knockouts. Brutal. Even further back when Silva showed up at the UFC he shocked the MMA world with a devastating knockout of Chris Leben. It was the punch heard around the world. He moved up a weight class and provided the world an unreal MMA knockout. The fight lasted about one exchange. There are lots of amazing Anderson Silva moments to discuss.

We can’t lose sight of his greatness. Can you think of a more devastating knockout MMA fighter in the UFC? You may not have seen the knockouts in the past couple Silva fights but that doesn’t mean he has lost any power or brutality.


Will we see the Anderson Silva of old against Nick Diaz?

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