Potential changes coming to UFC ‘hype master’ fight commentary for new TV deal

Potential changes coming to UFC ‘hype master’ fight commentary for new TV deal

The UFC are potentially looking to drive up their price for TV broadcasting rights once its current deal with the FOX network expires in 2018.
Up to the price of $450 million. While that sounds like a unreal amount of money, it’s nothing when compared to the recent purchase of the UFC for around $4 billion.

FOX managed to seal a seven year contract with the UFC back in 2011. However when the UFC decides to move on from FOX or even if they stay with them, we might see a huge change in the presentation in the form of removing the current ‘hype master’ style of commentary provided by long time favourites Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. This information comes from none other than Dave Meltzer, a known industry insider.

Despite previous speculation on weather or not Rogan was going to resign his contract for 2017, he did do, but with a reduced schedule. Either way there would be a chance he wouldn’t have resigned for 2018.

If the day does come where Rogan is no longer a fight announcer, we’ll hopefully be able to catch his take on the fights during one of his ‘Fight companion’ podcasts on the Joe Rogan Experience. Though the UFC do have other solid options to fill his and/or Goldbergs shoes in the forms of Kenny Florian, Brian Stann and even the likes of Dan Hardy, who has recently been getting a lot of praise for his insight on Inside The Octagon.

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