Floyd Mayweather Is Officially Out Of Retirement For Conor McGregor Bout (Video)

Floyd Mayweather has announced that he is officially out of retirement, but only for the fight with Conor McGregor. He revealed that he expects the fight to be in June and has told McGregor that if he wants the fight then he should put pen to paper.

He also said “I don’t want to hear anything about money or about the UFC. Just sign the papers with the UFC so we can have this fight.” He went on to say, “if you want to fight, sign the paper work and let’s fight.”

McGregor is taking a break from the contact sport for the birth of his first baby, revealed to be a son, with the due date being May. McGregor may have to start training earlier than he expected if he wants the “money super-fight” to take place.


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