New York Open Judo Team Tournament Results 2017

New York Open Judo Team Tournament Results 2017

The New York Open Team Judo Tournament 2017, held at the prestigious New York Athletic Club, was an amazing Tournament from start to finish,

With a completely sold out crowd, the energy was fierce. Some of the most talented Judoka in the world, these athletes and their performances were nothing short of spectacular.

Every athlete that competed today have competed at the highest level, some have competed in the olympics, worlds, national cups, Grand Prix and countless other high level international tournaments. A room filled with the best athletes that have or will compete. Quite a few of the athletes that competed today, are looking forward to their time in Tokyo, where they’ll be olympians in 2020. This years competitors have a lot of amazing Olympians to look up to as the NYAC (New York Athletic Club) has an impressive amount of Olympic athletes. Ronda Rousey Bronze Medalist 2008 Beijing and former UFC women’s Bantamweight Champion. Kayla Harrison the first American to win Gold medals in Judo twice, 2012 London, and 2016 Rio, who has been rumored to be eyeing a career in Mixed Martial Arts. Travis Stevens Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist, Rio 2016.
This year was a hard fought battle, round robin style Team Tournament between team USA men and women, team France men and women, team Germany men, and team Israel men and women.
The men’s team Israel took first place coached by Oren Smadga, Tal Flicker 66kg, Golan Pollack 73kg, Asaf Chen 81kg, Lee Kochman 90kg, and Almmog Louzon +90kg also earned himself the days MVP.
Team USA men came in second coached by Jason Morris, Quentin Cook 66kg, Brad Bolen 73kg, Jack Hatton 81kg, Colton Brown 90kg, and Tokuzo Takahashi +90kg.
Team France men came in third coached by Maxime Nouchy and Sauveur Chris Soriano, Clement Czukiewycz 66kg, Alexandre le Boucher 66 kg, Tristan Avaliani 73kg, Guillaume Chaine 81kg, Dimitri Gomes-Tavares 90kg, and Jean-Sébastien Bonvoisin +90kg.

Team Israel women came in first, coached by Shany Hershko, Shira Rishony 48 kg also earned herself the days MVP, Gili Cohen 52kg, Timma Nelson Levy 57kg, Noa Snir 63kg, and Linda Bolder 78 kg.
Team USA women’s came in 2nd coached by Jimmy Pedro, Katelyn Bouyssou 48kg, Angelica Delgado 52kg, Marti Malloy 57 kg, Hannah Martin 63kg, and Kaelin O’Sullivan 78kg.
Team France women’s came in third, coached by Maxime Nouchy and Sauveur Chris Soriano, Marine Lorentz 48kg, Aurélia Issoumalia 52kg, Morgan Arthuis 57kg, Alice Fioretti 63 kg, and Lucie Perrot 78kg.
Congratulations to this years teams, that fought hard and long, it was an amazing afternoon of spectacular Judo.

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