Paddy Pimblett Fights Back Against Critics

Paddy Pimblett Fights Back Against Critics

Paddy Pimblett was all hyped up when stepping into his main event bout against Nad Narimani at Cage Warriors 82 and he was confident he would win. However, ‘The Baddy’ did not do enough and Narimani was crowned the winner through unanimous decision and was now the champ – to the disgust of the crowd. Even Pimblett looked surprised that he lost the fight.

Pimblett took to twitter last night to issue a statement about his next steps.

So last night didn’t go to plan, a lot of things happened but I just wanna congratulate Nad on his performance well done man! Want to thank everyone who came down to show support an watch the show all my family and friends who are there for me and my other family Next Generation we had a bad night at the office but we’re only gonna come back stronger ??right me off all u want ppl, tell me how shit I am now and say how overhyped I am an how many different fighters would beat me… but it will be u in a years time who’s back licking my ass telling everyone I said he wud come back stronger!!! Tell me to change all you’s want but I’ll always be outspoken cause that’s me! Anyway all the best are loved and hated? I’ll never change I’ll always be Paddy Pimblett from Huyton whether am a world champ, a postman or a Fuckin hobo! What you see is what you get like it or leave it ?

What is next for Pimblett? What could be going through his mind? Where might he end up within the next twelve months?

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  27. Only reason he is shit is because people were comparing him to mcgregor when no one is on mcgregors level… pimlet is only 22 tho so he’s got a hell of a lot of time to develop

    1. As in no one is on his level pulling crowds, his personality, his talent, winning belts in UFC at two weights like he said he would when everyone wrote him off when he started saying he was a skinny little kid with no chance… auntil someone wins two belts in different weight divisions no one is gonna achieve what he has in terms of the UFC

    2. Because nobody was allowed the chance maybe? Every other champ who wanted to before Conor got told they had to relinquish their belt first. Also it’s not like he earned his shot at the 2nd belt by working up the ranks like everyone else does.

      Not saying what he done isn’t special but come on man, the cards have always been stacked in his favor since the UFC realised they can make bank off of his personality.

    3. Because NO ONE had ever been given the opportunity. Only Conor was, everyone else had to forfeit their title of challenging for another lol and he didn’t even defend his title. You’re not a true champion until you defend your title

    4. Now get off Conors nuts before he has trouble making weight for his next fight, which btw won’t be a title defence like every other champion does.

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