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Paul Felder Exclusive – Diakiese’s management turned him down

Paul Felder Exclusive – Diakiese’s management turned him down

Paul ‘The Irish Dragon’ Felder exclusively spoke to MMA UK.

He gives his take on Marc Diakiese and possibly fighting in Scotland.

MMAUK: Since his win at UFC London you have been back and forth with Marc Diakiese. He said in an interview that he spoke to his manager straight away to get the fight organised with yourself. Have you had any communications with regards the fight?

Well in regards to Marc I also reached out to my manager who talked to Sean Shelby. I thought the fight was a go for UFC in Scotland. A few days later I got a call from my manager saying we got offered a different fight for Sweden. That also fell through and I asked what happened with Diakiese and from what I was told his management turned down the fight at the time. I’m not a trash talker I just want exciting fights period! So at this point no fight.

MMA UK: Diakiese has been quite vocal about you the past week or so, do you feel he is being disrespectful with some of the things he is saying? Calling you an Irish wannabe, saying he didn’t know who you are, saying your style is standard. Do you have any response to these comments?

He can say whatever he wants. I’m a martial artist and I’m going to try and put him away as fast as possible whether he says the kindest things or talks shit. But yes he has said some stuff that pissed me off. He knows very well who I am trust me! That’s such a dumb diss. We are not in grade school we are professionals.

MMA UK: It was hoped, certainly in Scotland and the UK that the fight might get organised for UFC Glasgow in July, you seemed keen for that to happen. However he is now saying he wants to fight you in your back yard. Where do you want the fight to take place? I know you fought in Canada last time, is fighting in the UK or Ireland something you would like?

I would love to fight in Scotland for sure! I’ve been traveling all over for the UFC and from when I was in college. Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool and London and 100% need to get to Scotland. But if he wants to fight in Vegas or Oklahoma City I’m down too. But I honestly don’t think this fight will happen next. We shall see.

MMA UK: You are on a good run in the UFC at the moment, 3-1 in your last 4 fights. Where are you hoping to be at the end of the year? Move up the rankings? I was surprised you were not ranked in top 15, do you pay much attention to the rankings?

As far as this year I just wanna put in great performances and stay undefeated. The rankings used to really motivate me. Now winning is all I care about honestly.

MMA UK: Thanks Paul for taking the time to speak to us at MMA UK.

Thanks man. Just wanna say again this all started cause I said I’d like to fight him haha. Last I checked that’s not a bad thing. But if it happens hopefully I can see beautiful Scotland my man. Cheers.

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