Paul ‘Bearjew’ Craig Blasts Artem Lobov as Dogsh*t

UFC Nashville is just around the corner and with Artem Lobov headlining the main card, the event has attracted a fair few detractors. Lobov currently holds a mixed bag record being 2-2 in the UFC. Many have called into question his headlining a main card event ahead of Diego Sanchez and other more experienced fighters.

However, it has mostly been mild grumblings. Until now.

Paul ‘Bearjew’ Craig of Scottish Hit Squad, former Bamma Champion and UFC newbie has hit out at the idea of Lobov headlining a card in the strongest terms possible.

Speaking on the Bearback Podcast (the official podcast of the Scottish Hit Squad starring Paul ‘Bearjew’ Craig and his coach, Brian Gallacher) Craig was quick to condemn the star pull of Lobov saying, “He’s only there because he sucks Conor McGregor‘s dick.”

Craig and his coach both went on to discuss how they had some disdain for Lobov’s skill as a fighter, calling on his stint in The Ultimate Fighter Season 22 as further proof of McGregor pulling strings to help out his sparring partner.

“I don’t like him because he got that automatic…oh you lost in the Ultimate Fighter, that’s fine. You get a redo, brother.” with Gallacher agreeing, “Aye, he definitely got that because he’s Conor McGregor‘s mate”.

The two then continued in making fight predictions, which they like to jokingly bet on, for the card. Gallacher backs Swanson to win by TKO. When asked by his coach whether he was backing Lobov for the win, Craig blasts Lobov as dogsh*t. There’s no hiding of his opinion:

“I don’t even know enough about the two of them. I know Lobov is dogsh*t. I’ll go for Lobov to win though, just so we have some form of heat here.”

Craig has form for hitting out at those who some social media detractors (haters to the kids) would claim are hanging on to Conor McGregor‘s coat tails out of Straight Blast Gym. Quite famously sending up Chris ‘The Housewives Choice’ Fields as “Conor McGregor‘s housewife” after Fields claimed Craig was an “Aldi version of Conor McGregor“.

It wasn’t all controversy though. Craig seemed to be seeking to make amends with his fellow Scot, Stevie Ray, whom he has had some quite public feuds with.

Stevie Ray is fighting on the card against Joe Lauzon and Craig backs Ray for the win saying, “I’m sending you some love Stevie boy. I hope you win!”.

Tune in to UFC Nashville on Saturday. The evening of fights will be available in the UK on BT Sports and UFC Fight Pass.

32 Responses

    1. Artem is a vet in over 40 contests and Pauls last fight was fuckin shocking actual made me embarrassed to be Scottish and Pauls got a record of 9 and 1 artem has more wins alone than his total fights ???

  1. There’s nothing more funny than jealous guys…..I guess they wish they were sucking Conors Dick after sparring with the notorious one

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