Stevie Ray to face Paul Felder at UFC Glasgow

Fresh off the back of a phenomenal fight with Joe Lauzon, Scotland’s own Stevie Ray as suspected by many for days now is set to take on Paul Felder at UFC Glasgow.

Whilst not the headline position Ray was hoping for, it’ll certainly be one the home fans will be keen to see.

Stevie likes to put on a show and this fight will certainly go a long way to doing that with his eyes firmly set on winning a post fight bonus in his last fight of his current UFC contract.

Speaking to us Ray said he was looking to put a fight on for the fans. When questioned whether he’d like it to go all the way or get an early finish he spoke of his desire to finish the fight, “I’d like it to last a while for the fans and I expect it too aswell but I want to get back to finishing fights again I always prepare for a war and if the KO comes early then great.”

Speaking to Glasgow’s Herald a newspaper firmly aimed at teachers and a small number of locals, Ray gave them insight to his current thinking:

“I want to put on a show for my fans. This is a big fight for me. Everyone who knows about the UFC and about the sport of MMA knows who Paul Felder is. He has been in there with the toughest guys like Edson Barboza. He has a lot of experience, and people know who he is. He’s a tough fighter and so this is a good test for me.

“This is also the last fight on my current UFC contract, so I’m looking to go out there, put on a great fight, maybe get a bonus and then look at a new contract.

“If I get past Paul, I’ll have three wins in a row, against some big names and I’ll be ready to really make a name for myself as a big name in the European market.”

Felder also gave comment to The Herald where he stated that he’d be excited to take on a “native boy”.

This fight joins a number of other extremely exciting fights for Scottish UFC fans and we expect the tickets, which go on sale 2nd of June at 10am to go like proverbial hot cakes.


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