Diaz defends McGregor against boxing’s ‘clowns’

Diaz defends McGregor against boxing’s ‘clowns’

Most boxers have been disparaging of Conor McGregor‘s chances in his upcoming boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

However Nate Diaz has surprisingly gave McGregor a bit of support.

McGregor and Diaz have one win each against each other and a lot of animosity has flown between both their camps in the past but Diaz appears to be backing his fellow mma man.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Diaz said,

“Now all the boxers are criticising Conor, saying Conor will get embarrassed. But that’s a really arrogant thing to say.

“If Floyd fought Conor in an MMA match, it would be more embarrassing than Conor fighting Floyd in a boxing match.

“Boxers are clowns sometimes.”We’re talking real fighting now you one-dimensional boxing f*cks!”

Diaz also has a few words regarding Paulie Malignaggi.

“Conor should beat that guy’s a**. That guy was on the internet talking sh*t about him the other day. What kind of sparring partner do you got?

“I’d show up to that guy’s gym and beat his a** if I was Conor.”


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