The Greatest of All Time

The man that managed to do this, cementing his place as the most dominant grappler in Jiu-Jitsu history is none other than Roger Gracie. Roger has an unfair memory in the eyes of MMA fans as many people remember him for losing against Tim Kennedy but many don’t realise that he actually won a championship at Cruiserweight in ONE FC as well as compiling victories over former UFC Heavyweight Champion Kevin Randleman as well as a victory over recent UFC Light Heavyweight contender Anthony Smith.

Simply put, there is no other substitute for the greatest ever, nobody else has submitted him and he has beaten every one of his time. In 2017 he came out of retirement to fight Buchecha who was riding an 18 fight win streak as well as having won the IBJJF World Championship just six weeks prior, having done this it makes you wonder just how successful would Roger have been if he didn’t retire for so long, considering he is unanimously already regarded as the greatest to ever do it, if he stayed in BJJ he would likely have been as close to a BJJ version of Aleksandr Karelin as we will ever see.

Plenty of others are worthy of being regarded as the best such as Rafael Mendes, Cobrinha Charles, Bruno Malfacine, Xande Ribeiro, Buchecha Almeida, Marcelo Garcia and Andre Galvao and with many up and comers such as The Ryan Brothers making strong cases for earning themselves in the discussion in a few years but the title for greatest ever as of now is firmly grasped by Roger Gracie Gomes.

  • Never been submitted
  • 82% Finish Rate
  • 10x IBJJF World Champion
  • IBJJF Pan Am Champion
  • IBJJF European Champion
  • 2x ADCC Champion (Submitting everyone in his division and Absolute)
  • Victories Over – Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida, Demian Maia, Xande Ribeiro, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, Marcelo Garcia, Mario Sperry, Rigan Machado, Claudio Calasans, Vinny Magalhaes, Bernardo Faria, Bruno Bastos, Saulo Ribeiro, Fabricio Werdum, Shinya Aoki, Rodrigo Comprido, Leo Leite, Romulo Barral, Tarsis Humphreys, Andre Galvao & Rafael Lovato Jr.





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