Brock Lesnar once lost a real backstage WWE confrontation

Brock Lesnar is a name that is often placed next to animalistic, terrifying and an athletic specimen. Being a Division I NCAA Heavyweight Champion wrestler prior to his WWE run made enter the organisation that is professional sports entertainment with a huge target on his back. One of the people that wanted to test his wrestling ability was Curt Henning, also known under his professional wrestling moniker as Mr. Perfect. After an event in the UK on the plane ride. The two Heavyweights engaged in an amateur wrestling match right there on the plane, with Brock slamming Henning into the plane door, most dangerous indeed. After UFC 200 Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE and had an unfortunate experience with Randy Orton in which Lesnar legitimately busted Orton open, causing the match to be prematurely stopped, this prompted Chris Jericho to confront Brock, a scuffle ensued before being quickly broken up after Lesnar allegedly shoved Jericho into a wall.

It appears that Brock Lesnar is indeed a man very few can mess with, in MMA or professional wrestling. However, there was someone that was able to beat Lesnar in the WWE in a backstage confrontation and that man was Kurt Angle. Angle being a 2x NCAA D1 Champion, US Champion, World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist he was actually the one with the target on his back from the young lion that was Brock Lesnar, fresh into his WWE career. As the story goes there was an ongoing wonder of who was the toughest guy there was so they settled it by having an amateur wrestling match between themselves prior to a show starting. As the story goes Kurt Angle allegedly controlled Brock Lesnar and dominated him with ease. This is interesting as Angle had not competed in amateur wrestling for awhile prior but here he showed Brock that there are levels to amateur wrestling and that Angle was on a pedestal so high that even the dominant NCAA wrestler and future UFC star was not able to keep an amateur wrestling match between them competitive.

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