Tony Ferguson blasts Conor McGregor as ‘washed up’ and a ‘coward’ for not fighting a top UFC contender in Twitter rant

TONY FERGUSON has blasted Conor McGregor as ‘washed up’ and a ‘coward’ in a Twitter rant.

The UFC lightweight star has slammed ‘The Notorious’ and accused him of dodging fight against the top stars of the Octagon.

McGregor this summer announced that he was retiring from mixed martial arts as the fight game no longer excited him.

But he looks set to make a return next year with a fight against Dustin Poirier in January which hasn’t yet been officially announced.

Ferguson however took to social media to tear into the Dubliner for ducking fights against the biggest names.

He wrote: “No Balls To Fight A Top Contender.

“@TheNotoriousMMA you’re washed up laddy. It’s Improper TUF 13 Bish’ Champ Shit Only.

You Will Always Be A Replica, Coward. Congrats On The Success – See you soon Leprechaun. – Champ ”

McGregor returned to the Octagon in January for his first fight in over a year when he faced Donald Cerrone.

And it was light work for the former two weight world champion who destroyed the veteran American fighter in just 40 seconds.

But McGregor has hit out at people who criticised him for fighting Cerrone and said those people must have ‘insecurities’.

He said: “You know you go online and you’ll see some guy like ‘Hey, you only f***ing fought Cerrone’ like imagine some guy saying that about a legend.

The way the fans kind of try to downplay who you fought or something or say ‘You haven’t fought this guy yet’ or you ain’t done that.

“If you think of it like a mirror, that person who’s writing this or saying this, he himself is projecting his own insecurities because that person wouldn’t have fought anyone on planet Earth.

“So he’s saying, ‘You ain’t doing this, you ain’t doing that’ when really it’s in his own thoughts that he ain’t done this or ain’t done that on any scale, so it’s like a mirror.

“You know as long as your own self is right, everything else around you will become right. And that’s it.”

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