Danial Cormier Wants To Change MMA Rules To Make It An Olympic Sport

Ariel Helwani asks Daniel Cormier about Khabib Nurmagomedov’s goal of getting MMA in the Olympics, then DC lays out his idea for how the tournament format could work.

“You fight like PFL and The Ultimate Fighter  You take away the elbows, you take away all those things that can really damage someone, you can wear headgear… Instead of the four-ounce gloves, there is this eight-ounce gloves that have a little bit of more padding on the front side, you can use those. “You fight at the beginning of the games, you make weight. The person that wins goes to the semis. Five-six days later, they make weight again; plus two kilos, so you get like four pounds… People that get to the finals, give them one more kilo, so now you’re like six pounds overweight at the end of the games, and you fight for the gold medal.”


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