Eddie Alvarez DQ Loss Overturned

Former UFC lightweight, Eddie Alvarez, has received some good news in the form of a no contest, as announced by Ariel Helwani on his Twitter page.


Alvarez was DQ’d in his bout with Iuri Lapicus back at the start of April due to alleged strikes to the back of the head. Instead of being issued with a warning or having a point deducted Alvarez was shown the red card, signalling he had been disqualified. Many people took to Twitter to protest the result, pointing out that most of the shots were landing on the side of the head and suggesting that the referee’s decision was harsh, with several people saying that his decision had been influenced by the reactions of Lapicus. A distraught Alvarez was pictured walking backstage after the bout.

However, a group of 15 independent officials came together and determined that while some of the punches may have landed to the back of the head, the decision to disqualify Alvarez without warning was a ‘procedural misstep’ and ultimately decided he should have been issued a warning instead of a DQ loss.

Hopefully, this decision gives Eddie some sense of relief as the fight will no longer stand as a loss on his record, although he certainly wasted no time in getting back into action as he takes on Rae Yoon Ok this Wednesday at ONE on TNT 4.


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