Luke Rockhold claims he is being turned down by the top ten: ‘Everyone is just making excuses’

Luke Rockhold claims he is being turned down by the top ten: ‘Everyone is just making excuses’

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is having difficulty finding an opponent.


The former UFC middleweight champion hasn’t fought since making his light heavyweight debut at UFC 239, where In the second round of their fight, he was knocked out by Jan Blachowicz. During that time, Rockhold considered retiring from competition, but decided against it and worked to get his body back in shape in preparation for his comeback.


Rockhold did give people an update about what he’s been up to in his spare time, as well as the difficulties he’s had — and continues to have — in finding an opponent to battle him.


“I feel good,” Rockhold told Mike Swick on the Real Quick with Mike Swick podcast. “I’ve taken some time off to just get my body right. Had quite a few surgeries and able to navigate the waters and feel good about it. Just giving some time to do me [and] organize life, business and live. It’s hard to live when you fight. I got it all out of my system and I’m trying to get that fire back and smash some heads.”


“It’s really about fighting someone who’s going to fight,” said Rockhold. “I need to find a top 10 guy who’s ready to sack up and ready to fight. There’s already been multiple people in the top 10 making excuses about why they don’t want to fight me. It’s just like, who the [expletive] are you to turn down the fight? Where is your entitlement and what you think you have?


Rockhold went on to say that for what will presumably be another championship run, he needs a fight that is both thrilling and sensible.


“I’m not just gonna go fight anybody. I want something that gets me excited, that gets the fans excited and has a little momentum. Something that makes somewhat of sense. I want to come back in and I want to do this thing right.”

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