Sean O’Malley offers a conspiracy theory as to why Louis Smolka decided to withdraw from the UFC 264 match

Sean O’Malley has an interesting explanation for why Louis Smolka withdrew from their UFC 264 fight.


O’Malley was forced out of the fight less than two weeks before it was scheduled to take place due to a staph infection.

“Suga,” on the other hand, believes there is more to it.


Just days before Smolka pulled out, O’Malley’s manager, Jason House – who also manages O’Malley’s colleagues, Kyler Phillips and Casey Kenney – was reportedly in O’Malley’s gym watching him spar.

According to O’Malley, he appeared to be in top form that day, and he believes House may have advised Smolka to withdraw from the bout.


“Smolka’s manager was at my gym watching me spar the other day, a couple of weeks ago. I was on fire, I was on fire,” O’Malley said in a video he uploaded on his YouTube channel. “He asked Tim and I, respectfully, he said ‘hey, do you mind if I sit and watch.’ I said ‘enjoy the s**t,’ no I didn’t say that I said ‘watch, tell him whatever you want, I don’t care.’ I looked f*****g sharp that day, this is a complete conspiracy theory, I looked sharp, I was on f*****g fire.


“Sparring day for me is an opportunity to perform. In my head, it’s the fight, I have to perform and do what I do in the Octagon, I have to perform. Just another day. I looked good, I looked really good,” O’Malley continued. “Did his manager go ‘hey bud, I love you don’t take this fight I don’t want you to die?’ Might’ve. Smolka licking f*****g wresting mats trying to get staph, I don’t even know if that’s how you get staph. I don’t know dude, that’s a conspiracy theory, so maybe that’s what happened, maybe not. I don’t blame the dude.”


That does not appear to be the cause for Smolka’s withdrawal from his bout with O’Malley.

However, it’s possible that Suga is correct.


Regardless, O’Malley’s good news is that he’ll be back on UFC 264 when he’ll face UFC newcomer Kris Moutinho.

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