Eddie Alvarez was taken aback. Conor McGregor was knocked out at UFC 257, but Alvarez believes “The Diamond” deserves all of his success.

Poirier and Conor fought on Fight Island earlier this year in a rematch between the two longtime adversaries. After McGregor knocked Poirier out in the first round of their first fight in September 2014, many fans assumed the Irishman would do it again in the rematch. Poirier, on the other hand, pulled off the upset by punching McGregor out in the second round.


Alvarez, who has fought both McGregor and Poirier in the UFC, acknowledged to James Lynch that he was astonished when Poirier knocked McGregor out at UFC 257. “The Underground King,” on the other hand, expressed his delight at Poirier’s victory.


“I was surprised. I thought if the fight stood standing, Conor would have the advantage,” Alvarez said. “But if you go back and look at my interviews, I said it clearly, if there’s any way that Dustin can get this done, he absolutely has to put sprints on McGregor, and that’s how he ended up finishing him. I feel like he put that sprint on him. Dustin does these sprints so well. They come in droves, like maybe a 20-second sprint, then he’ll go back to box, then he’ll do another 20-second sprint. He put that sprint on Conor, forced him to panic, make mistakes, make his heart rate go up, and he was able to get the finish. It was phenomenal. I was happy for him. If anybody in that division deserves that kind of success, or money, or accolades, it’s Dustin. He’s put his time in, he’s fought the best guys, and he’s starting to see the fruits of his labor.”

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