Gilbert Burns vs Leon Edwards?

Gilbert Burns vs Leon Edwards?

The Twitter beef between Gilbert Burns and Leon Edwards has continued to grow as the two trade online jabs at each other with Gilbert calling for a fight with the Birmingham native, even calling him a “Brummie C***”

The beef between the two seemed to stem from Leon calling for the late minute replacement spot against Burns when Usman was forced to pull out before their scheduled bout, a call out that was at the time ignored by both the UFC and Burns himself.

A fight between Burns and Leon would definitely be the next logical step towards crowning a new number one contender. With Champion Usman booked in a rematch with Colby Covington, both men will be looking to get their rematch with the champ. Leon Edwards is still riding his 10 fight unbeaten streak since his loss to Usman following his very dominant, albeit slightly nervy, win over Nate Diaz and Burns bouncing back from his loss to Usman with a win over Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson.

Edwards wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of Burns’ twitter rants, with former title challenger and BMF, Jorge Masvidal being dragged into the conversation. In yet another profanity-laced tweet aimed at Edwards, Burns said “They are going to take you out of the rankings AGAIN sitting out won’t help and (Masvidal) won’t fight you either because he is still sleeping”. Burns needs only ask Leon Edwards about the consequences of going after Masvidal online, after he was attacked by the then uncrowned BMF backstage after UFC London, leaving fans craving a fight between the two. So with Edwards saying he might stay on the sidelines and wait for his title shot, could we possibly see Masvidal and Burns square off instead?

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