Mark Hunt ordered to pay UFC $388,000 In Legal Fees

Mark Hunt has been ordered to pay the UFC $388,000 In Legal Fees. Combat Sports Law’s Erik Magraken reports that recently published court documents from Hunt v. Zuffa show the United States District Court in Nevada ordering Hunt in March of 2021 to pay the UFC $388,235 in attorney fees and costs.

“Plaintiff Mark Hunt filed this lawsuit against Zuffa, LLC d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), its president Dana White, and mixed-martial-arts fighter Brock Lesnar, alleging that UFC violated state and federal law by manipulating its own drug-testing requirements to allow select fighters to use performance-enhancing drugs. After prevailing on several motions to dismiss and a motion for summary judgment, UFC moves for its attorneys’ fees and costs under the prevailing-party provision in the 2016 Promotional and Ancillary Rights Agreement, which governed the parties’ professional relationship…. While Hunt concedes that UFC may seek attorneys’ fees and costs for defending itself against the full complement of Hunt’s claims under the explicit terms of the parties’ agreement, he argues that UFC’s fee request is premature and unreasonable and seeks costs disallowed under federal law. Because I find that UFC is entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs under the parties’ agreement, its request is reasonable, and its motion is ripe, I grant UFC’s motion in its entirety.

“IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that defendant UFC’s renewed motion for attorneys’ fees and costs [ECF No. 193] is GRANTED. Defendants are awarded $301,792.50 in attorneys’ fees and $86,442.72 in costs, for a total of $388,235.22, and the Clerk of Court is directed to ENTER JUDGMENT accordingly”

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