Previewing potential Diaz vs Poirier fight

Yet another grudge fight in the making has garnered the attention of MMA fans worldwide. Two of the worlds best lightweights may hopefully one day face off against each other in what is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated fights of the year. We have seen the Twitter beef, we have heard the insults, now we want the fight!

While some may see Diaz running away with this category, I believe it’s much closer than people realize. Both fighters are BJJ black belts and are extremely dangerous on the ground. While Dustin may get the edge as far as wrestling and controlling his opponent from the top like he did to Conor but it’s not like Nate is a walk in the park in that department either as he often invites the takedowns to work in his submissions or sweeps. Both fighters haven’t scored a submission in nearly 5 years, but this doesn’t mean either fighter wouldn’t take the opportunity to put the other to sleep or take a limb home with them.
Advantage: Diaz

Both fighters are known for having the hearts of lions as well as granite chins. But everyone on planet earth knows that you simply can’t underestimate the durability and cardio of Diaz. Even when the fight isn’t going Nate’s way (vs Leon Edwards) you simply can’t break him. The only way out is a body bag or ref’s stoppage, Nate also has had so many wars and his face is full of cartilage that makes him bleed profusely and works against him as far as a doctor stoppage goes (vs Masvidal). Dustin has shown some cracks in both title fight losses as of late with his focus seemingly being on his businesses as well as possible retirement talk, but a grudge match against a heated rival might be just what he needs to kickstart that fire again.
Advantage: Diaz

As far as technical boxing goes very few MMA fighters can hold a candle to Nates ability and overall knowledge of the sweet science. But since this is MMA and all variables (knees, kicks, elbows) must be accounted for I can’t think of a category that is as evenly matched as far as this fight goes. Nate is not known to be a Nganou type of fighter that can put you out with a single strike right off the bat. But his fight against Leon Edwards was a reminder to those who forgot how valuable volume punching can be, all he needs is a small opening after peppering you for 3 rounds before putting you on skates. The diamond, however, has been evolving at the speed of light right before our eyes, the man who once was thought of as another scrappy street fighter has now been in the cage with some of the worlds scariest and most lethal strikers only to win at their game. DP has worked his striking game at ATT and with coach Mike Brown to become one of the best strikers in his division.

Advantage: Tie

Prediction: Diaz 2nd round Submission.

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