9 Former Heels From MMA History

9 Former Heels From MMA History

Josh Koscheck (17-11): Former Welterweight title challenger, OG TUF member, and at one point the most hated man in all of MMA. In his heyday, Josh was one of the most athletic and problematic wrestlers that the sport had seen. In many ways, he felt like a more authentic Colby Covington. He feuded with the likes of GSP, Leben, Daley, and Diego Sanchez, and even took on a whole stadium of angry Canadian fans without hesitation. Many will remember him faking a knee vs Rumble Johnson before submitting him as nothing happened.

Vitor Belfort: This entry is almost like a delayed time bomb. Vitor was once the future of MMA as an 18-year-old taking out grown men twice his age and size, to include the tragic story of his sister who was killed in Brazil. His fan-friendly style of ridiculous hand speed and lightning-fast kicks made Belfrot a walking human highlight reel. Everyone always noticed how Vitor looked like a bodybuilder in all his fights which extended well into his 40s, the accusations of steroids followed him through his days in Pride, UFC and even as a boxer after he retired from MMA. Then came the whole TRT debacle which many credits for Bisping’s loss of an eye, the fact is Vitor never looked the same physically or athletically after the ban of TRT. 

Charles Bennet (30-43-2): While “Krazy Horse or Felony” never became a household name, hardcore fans fondly remember Charles as one of the wildest fighters of ALL TIME! The man took on anyone that was just as insane to get in there with him, win lose or draw Bennet talked trashed and made the fight interesting. His antics outside of the cage are what made him a true heel as his backstage fight against team Wanderlei remains one of the best Pride moments ever as well as his attempts to infuriate Wanderlei years after, he’s even served some time in jail time that earned him the nickname Felony.

Michale Bisping (30-9): How times have changed. Long before Bisping became a loved commentator, an analyst for the UFC, successful podcaster and of course middleweight champion, he was one of the most BOO’d fighters to grace the octagon. Many even celebrated his ferocious KO loss to Dan Henderson as well as his many failed title runs. The man could talk trash with the best of them and boy did many hate him for it, he had the brashness and cockiness that many American audiences were not ready for but never relented. While things may be different now let’s not forget that in his early UFC days the TUF winner was a heel for the ages. 

Lee Murray (8-2-1): The term what could’ve been is unfortunately another term used when talking about Lee. A brash, confident fighter out of the UK, Lee was taking the sport by storm. He competed only once in the UFC where he was victorious, he gave Anderson Silva (in Cage Rage) all he could handle and was even rumoured to have KO’d Tito Ortiz in a street brawl. He was even part of one of the wildest stories that cost him his freedom and a promising career. 

Gilbert Yvel (40-16-1): Another old school fighter that has done just about everything you can think of from groin strikes, bitting, and even knocking out a ref. The man even has a tattoo of every man he’s ever knocked out, I wonder if that poor ref is on there. 

Tank Abbot (10-15): Tank is a fighter that many considered the original Huntington beach bad boy. The man who fought in the early days of MMA held dynamite in his hands, his MMA debut saw him score an 18 second KO which he proceeded to mock his opponent that was convulsing on the floor. 

War Machine (14-5): One name: Christy Mack. 

Rousimar Palhares (19-10-1): BJJ black belt and leg lock specialist Rousimar was once a contender in MMA, he then became a repeat offender of holding on to submissions too long and injuring his opponents, his fight against Jake shields was a perfect example of why most fans loathed the man. 


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