Who should Nick Diaz fight if he comes back?

Robbie Lawler (29-15): The series is tied 1-1. Their last fight happened in September of last year and Robbie scored a 3rd round TKO. Robbie is scheduled to face Barberena later this year, but should he win we could see the end of this rivalry when Diaz returns, considering the buzz Nick brings to every fight.

Bryan Barberena (17-8): One of the most exciting welterweights in the UFC, Barberena recently put on a FOTY candidate performance when he beat Matt Brown in his backyard of Columbus. Should Bryan take out Robbie, we could potentially see BamBam go on a legend killer type of tour this year with Nick being a potential candidate.  

Matt Brown (23-19): The immortal has been a pro since 2005, it’s crazy to think that his path never crossed with Nick’s but considering they are both in the twilight of their careers and coming off losses, it feels like now is the time to match them up and have a war of the OG’s. 

Wonderboy (16-6-1): One of the longest-tenured welterweights Wonderboy has been actively vocal that he would love to face Nick. Wonderboy is 1 year older than Nick and is on a 2 fight losing skid. The fact that they both love to strike would make this a very fan-friendly fight also. 

Chris Weidman (15-6): The former middleweight champ has been inactive since suffering his gruesome leg injury last April. He has been working tirelessly to return and with Nick looking to fight at the end of this year or possibly early next, would make for a memorable comeback fight for both fighters. Finally, we know Nick had issues cutting to 170 so the fight could be at 185. 

Jorge Masvidal (35-16): Nick only wants big fights and fighting for the BMF title could be massive, especially financially. Jorge is currently on one of the worst losing streaks of his career and has lost to the champ twice. A dominant way over Nick doesn’t put him back in contention but it would get him on track. 

Paul Daley (44-18-2): This fight might be the least likely to happen considering Paul was banned from the UFC over the Koscheck incident and the fact that he recently retired. But every MMA fan remembers the 1 round war that was Nick vs Paul in Strikeforce. Daley even said that is the one fight that would lure him back in.

Kelvin Gastellum (16-8): Kelvin is currently on a 2 fight losing streak and is 1-5 in his last 6. But a matchup between two of the most game fighters would make for a sure-fire FOTN. Both fighters are known to be Mexican American warriors that can trade shots all night. 

Donald Cerrone (36-16): 0-5-1 and winless since 2019. The cowboy has given everything to this sport and deserves one last massive fight. He is scheduled to face Joe Lauzon in what is being called his final fight. But we know how quickly things change, and a fight vs nick would not only bring in the money but serve as one of the best nostalgia fights to make. 

Conor Mcgregor (22-6): While I believe Conor should settle his rivalry with Nate first, a fight vs Nick would be just as big. Considering the notorious is still on the mend from his broken ankle, it could be an end of the year fight, which coincidentally is what Nick is looking for. 

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