Nick Diaz targeting the end of the year for a comeback fight

In a recent video, Nick Diaz was asked about the possibility of coming back to the UFC for one more fight, to which he responded that he is “working on it for the end of the year”.

While this was just an off the cuff response during a fan meet and greet, it does sound that he is at least considering a comeback and hasn’t shut it down as he has done in the past.

While answering questions he was also asked about wanting to fight either Canelo or fight for the title and he answered that he would rather get a title shot. He was adamant that he wants to face Usman and even sent a message that he could beat him.

Nick last fought on September 25, 2021, in a 3rd round TKO loss to Robbie Lawler. Many fans thought he should hang up the gloves including much of the UFC brass, Nick showed he could still hang but looked unmotivated and somewhat out of shape.

At 38 years old Nick is still a big enough name that regardless of when and if he comes back he will have a line of fighters that would volunteer to face him. He isn’t getting any younger and that is something he acknowledged while saying he only wants big-name fights from here on out.

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