Tito Ortiz to rematch Chael Sonnen

Tito Ortiz to rematch Chael Sonnen

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz has claimed that he and perhaps his most bitter rival, title challenger Chael Sonnen, will be rematching in an MMA bout at Freedom Fight night in early February. The claim was made by Ortiz during his appearance on the Adam Carolla Show but is seemingly yet to be confirmed as official by Sonnen.

Ortiz last fought in a frankly embarrassing performance against middleweight GOAT, Anderson Silva in an exhibition boxing match. In MMA, Ortiz has fought twice since his initial win over Sonnen at Bellator 170, firstly beating Chuck Liddell in their immensely scrutinised trilogy bout for Golden Boy’s one and only MMA event, followed by a win against former WWE superstar and occasional MMA peruser, Alberto Del Rio. Sonnen last competed in a losing effort against Lyoto Machida at Bellator 222 back in 2020 which saw the ‘bad guy’ retire in an immensely emotional moment in the sport in which he lamented over the fact he was never able to capture a world title, thus keeping a promise he made to his dying father.

The first meeting between the two was one riddled with back-and-forth trash talk, claims of a tap and some amazing reactions from Paul Daley. When the two traded barbs at a press conference, things got very heated with Sonnen very much taking the W in the trash-talking department. After Ortiz claimed that Sonnen had “used his mouth to get all of his fights” Sonnen quickly retorted by saying “the only person he knows who made money using their mouth was his (Ortiz’s) ex-wife” referring to Tito’s relationship with pornstar, Jenna Jameson. The jab landed an extremely amusing reaction from Paul Daley who sat next to Sonnen during the conference.

It is yet to be seen if this matchup is official or not but their initial bout certainly didn’t settle the beef between the two, so perhaps this time we will see a more definitive ending to the pair’s rivalry

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