Christine Ferea vs Jade Masson-Wong

Christine Ferea wants a piece of Jade Masson-Wong

Christine “Misfit” Ferea is undoubtedly the best female fighter in bare-knuckle boxing right now. When you think of female bare-knuckle fighters Ferea has to be the first woman that comes to mind. She is the current BKFC flyweight champion of the world. It’s a division that she dominates.

Ferea defeated Britain Hart to win the inaugural BKFC women’s flyweight title in the rematch at BKFC Knucklemania. Since winning the title she’s defended it twice beating both Taylor Starling and Bec Rawlings.  She’s without a doubt great, but there’s more she wants to do.

BKFC flyweight rankings
BKFC rankings flyweight

Ferea has beaten every woman ranked in the top 4. She’s beaten some of them twice, her title victory was a rematch versus Britain Hart, a woman she had already beaten. The only woman in the top 4 she has not destroyed is Jade Masson-Wong. Christine wants to destroy Jade and would have a good time doing so. Recently she had a few things to say about Jade.

Jade Masson Wong

In her last fight, Jade went five rounds, beating the now number 3 ranked Taylor Starling.

Christine Ferea vs Jade Masson-Wong

On a Facebook post by Jade Masson-Wong, the Misfit decided to call her out and tell her “You’re next”. Jade replied happily saying “Can’t wait”.

Christine Ferea vs Jade Masson-Wong


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It looks like the matchup is being close to set. Paulie G spoke with both women in closed interview sessions and they both stated that this is the fight they both want. Christine Ferea has not only beaten the other three competitors in the division but Ferea beat number one ranked Britain Hart twice. She beat number three-ranked Taylor Starling so badly that putting Starling back in the cage with her would be simply mean.

Starling showed that she does not belong in a cage with Ferea. Ferea did show that she wants to fight Bec Rawlings again after their last fight but Wong is ranked higher and deserves a shot, Rawlings had her shot and giving her two title shots in a row would not be fair to Wong who has been rising steadily in the rankings.

Right now it looks like there is no stopping Christine Ferea she looks unbeatable. If she beats Wong she will have beaten every ranked opponent in her division, meaning that the ranked opponents will all be lining up for a title shot with a woman who has beaten all of them and some of them twice.

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