Jeff Houston vs Bruce Buffer

Jeff Houston the Great BKFC Ring Announcer

BKFC has enjoyed meteoric growth since its first event in 2018. 

It’s a new sport with a unique set of characters. BKFC is the elite in the bare-knuckle realm of combat sports. Not only has BKFC put together incredible fights but it has a distinct set of personalities, none can be heard louder than the great Jeff Houston.

Who is Jeff Houston?

Jeff Houston is the BKFC announcer, his tagline is “knuckle up”. He’s unique there’s something different about Jeff. His lungs are twice the size of anyone in the arena. He’s loud and has a voice that reverberates into the minds and souls of his listeners. Put simply once you hear Jeff Houston you are hooked.

Why is he so good?

He just is. Jeff Houston has a voice that really carries. Sometimes in life, people have talent and Jeff Houston is a talented announcer.

What separates Jeff Houston from the average ring announcer?

Jeff Houston is himself, he’s in his own category. He’s distinct and unique. He’s simply more talented than most and is not afraid to showcase it.

Who found the talented Jeff Houston?

You have to credit Sean Wheelock for that. He found Jeff Houston and introduced him to David Feldman.

Who is David Feldman?

He’s the founder of the BKFC. He’s a talent scout and has deep pockets and if he believes in someone he will go out and pay them. If you compare Jeff to a mediocre ring announcer there’s no comparison he is the elite. David Feldman was smart enough to see that and the impact on his brand has been profound.

BKFC Jeff Houston

Is Jeff Houston the next Bruce Buffer?

No. He’s incredibly unique and in no way resembles Bruce Buffer. His voice is clearer and louder and he’s his own creation. Jeff Houston is much younger and is not the next Bruce Buffer he’s the first Jeff Houston. Jeff Houston is elite and so is Bruce Buffer but the contrast is evident Jeff is a unique product that is hard to miss.

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Written by @pauliegmma

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