Valentina Shevchenko Vs Christine Ferea Fight Breakdown by Paulie G

Valentina Shevchenko vs Christine Ferea BKFC fight

Valentina Shevchenko Vs Christine Ferea Fight Breakdown by Paulie G

Christine Ferea is great, there is no doubt.

She’s without a doubt the best in her domain of brutality, which is bare-knuckle fighting. She’s on an incredible streak of destruction. Riding a wave Ferea of five wins in a row, which include Catie Cutler, Calista Silgado, Britain Hart, Taylor Starling, and most recently Bec Rawlings.

It’s a streak of perfection and annihilation, rising above the level of mediocrity, Christine Ferea is without a doubt the greatest.

The greatest in the realm of brutality, Ferea is the “real deal” and the “real great”. At this point in time, it looks like Ferea will remain the queen of brutality until someone can take that from her and that does not seem possible right now. The Misfit is the greatest female flyweight bare-knuckle fighter of all time, you can’t argue that there is anyone better, Ferea is at the top of the food chain.

Christine Ferea GOAT

Valentina Shevchenko is the greatest. There is no doubt about that, she defended the UFC flyweight title 7 times. Shevchenko was already great before capturing the UFC flyweight title but it was her reign as champion that really convinced the public how amazing she really is. It will take a long time for someone to surpass Valentina Shevchenko, it might never happen.

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Valentina lost her UFC flyweight title to Alexa Grasso at UFC 285. It was her worst nightmare surfacing. Shevchenko has to get her most prized possession back in order to appease her soul. Ferea is flying high and increasing her legacy and belief in her greatness.

If Shevchenko loses in the rematch to Grasso her chance at UFC gold will diminish. Her reign of greatness will cease. Shevchenko is taking a big risk in accepting the rematch. Alexa Grasso vs Valentina Shevchenko 2 if unsuccessful for Shevchenko will spell certain doom for the great. Win or lose she will always be remembered as one of the greatest to do it.

Shevchenko is on a quest for the UFC flyweight title of the world, but it’s a quest she already conquered and did it marvelously. There might become a time when Valentina wants to conquer a new domain. Her appetite for destruction might widen or she might decide she wants to shatter a new realm of combat. After all, Valentina is a master in multiple disciplines of combat. She’s not just the best in MMA there’s more to the great Valentina and she might want to showcase that or prove to herself she can do more.

Could Valentina Shevchenko destroy the best of the BKFC?

Getting to the top of the MMA world wasn’t easy but Shevchenko made it look that way. Could Valentina excel in the most brutal sport of them all? You have to say yes. Her striking is untouchable, nobody at 125 pounds could touch her, she simply outstruck everyone in her path. It would be a hard thought to swallow seeing the great Shevchenko knocked out on her feet at least in MMA. Why? Simply put nobody has done it, at least in the UFC at flyweight.

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Christine Ferea vs Valentina Shevchenko

Michael Jordan tried baseball, but he got bored being the greatest and tried something else. It didn’t work out. Conor McGregor tries boxing and he failed. He tried it when he was at his peak.

Sometimes great athletes want to do more. It’s what made them great, to begin with. They need to take risks and challenge themselves.

Valentina Shevchenko made a bigger impact than Christine Ferea she’s more widely known by the fans. The UFC is a bigger organization than BKFC and she also held her title for much longer than Ferea has so far. Shevchenko vs Ferea would be a fight between the two best but Shevchenko would be the bigger name in the fight with more to lose.

That doesn’t mean that Shevchenko wouldn’t want to take the risk. She might get an inch to prove she’s greater than the public thought and can try other sports and be the best at them.

Ferea would take the fight. She has no fear and really wants to get her name out there to the masses. This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for Christine Ferea.

While it doesn’t seem that plausible right now because Shevchenko is signed with the UFC anything can happen right now. It’s almost as if combat sports have become the wild west. Ngannou leaving the UFC, Conor selling whiskey and appearing at boxing events and BKFC events it looks like the UFC and Dana White are losing the vice grips they once had. Bellator is being diluted into the PFL, with Jake Paul knocking out former UFC champions. It looks like anything could happen right now.

Could Valentina Shevchenko go to BKFC?

It’s possible. You just don’t know these days. It seems unlikely but if Shevchenko was allowed to do it I bet she would for the right amount of money. BKFC is brutal but so is Shevchenko and I’m sure she would want to prove herself in the most violent realm of them all.

Christine Ferea vs Valentina Shevchenko Breakdown

If Shevchenko fights Ferea she will most likely be the favorite to win at least right now. It would be weird because she has no experience in bare-knuckle fighting but the belief in her greatness would outweigh that. If she loses to Grasso I’d have to readdress that notion.

A Valentina Shevchenko without kicks might be a very limited version of the fighter we have witnessed in UFC. That may hinder her attack or it might simplify it and make it more profound. Imagine Valentina just focusing on her hands. We could see a more dangerous Shevchenko.

Shevchenko is the younger woman and but both are the same height and have the same reach. Both women match up pretty well in terms of size, they are both natural flyweights.

Who has the advantage?

I’d have to say Ferea. Ferea is the better bare-knuckle fighter. She’s proven it. She would have a major advantage. She’s been hit by bare knuckles and battled back to destroy her opponent. Valentina is hard to hit, but if Ferea does hit her she will feel the pain.

That’s the big thing about this fight would Shevchenko be hit and you have to say yes she would be. I can’t imagine a fight where Ferea doesn’t land a good shot. Once hit by Ferea one of two things happen, Shevchenko likes it and wants more or she folds in pain.

Bare-knuckle boxing is the more brutal of the two sports. Valentina understood MMA rules and realized she could get the better of her opponents with her kicks her speed and landing the right punches. Also, incredible on the ground Shevchenko is able to tactically destroy almost anyone she’s faced. In MMA Valentina would win, she’s so well-rounded.

In bare-knuckle, Ferea runs the show because she’s hard to hit and she has so much power in her hands. It’s that simple when her opponents feel her power they are crushed. It’s the simplicity of bare knuckle that brought out the beast in Ferea.

Put simply Valentina would have to have better hands and a quicker attack along with more power to take out the great Christine Ferea.

I would love to see this battle, a collision between the two best in the world in two sports collide into a mega-fight.

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