Jake Paul vs Bryce Hall “The Social Media War”

Bryce Hall vs Jake Paul

Jake Paul vs Bryce Hall “The Social Media War”

It’s a new day, the era of the social media star. 

Jake Paul is the man that changed the sport. He made an impact a huge one. He parlayed a career in social media into a boxing giant. He wasn’t the first or the only guy to do it but Jake did it better than anyone. He’s smashing the boxing world by taking out former MMA champions one at a time.

He’s got power. The way he sent Tyron Woodley to the canvas was sensational. The internet went wild and that wasn’t the only time he did it. He’s a tactical genius with real skills. The future is uncertain but it looks like it’s Jake’s world now.

There are others.

Logan Paul, KSI, and now Bryce Hall.

Who is Bryce Hall?

He’s just a young kid that followed in the footsteps of Jake. When there’s money to be made the talent will come and that’s exactly what Bryce is doing. He’s coming up and trying to take what Jake Paul has. When you’re on top everyone comes for you, its human nature and Jake is going to have to deal with it.

Jake Paul vs Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall slashed into the combat sports scene with his long-awaited debut at BFKC 48. David Feldman the owner put his marketing muscle into Bryce Hall in a risky but intelligent move. Feldman is a man who understands the trends and sees the future before anyone else. He decides to get his own Jake Paul or the closest thing to it. Hall dominated in his first fight. He impressed a lot of the critics who saw him losing to Gee Perez. Personally, I was not impressed and I think he has a while to go but it was only his first fight. He just got his feet wet. Impressive he won but the fight wasn’t a real war, Hall landed a takedown and there were a bunch of clunky aspects to his performance.

Regardless Bryce Hall won so the show must go on.

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If Bryce Hall can stack a bunch of wins together he will build a ton of momentum. He already has a big fanbase but now we will see if he can carry them with him on his combat sports journey and blow up the way Jake Paul did.

Before Jake Paul, there was Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. They were the ones that took combat sports to the next level.

Now it’s a new era and guys like Jake Paul and Bryce Hall are going to be the ones with all the attention because they bring a huge fanbase with them. Ronda and Conor did as well although not deemed social media stars they were in my opinion. They both brought bigger fanbases with them than most UFC athletes did back then. Conor had an Irish following and Ronda had her Olympic following along with her good looks and charisma.

It’s a new era, Ronda is certainly gone from the sport and Conor’s stock is dwindling fast. Jake Paul is certainly the leader of this new generation at only 26 years old Jake has already reached the top of the mountain in terms of popularity. He has two places to go, up or down. If Jake Paul can continue to surge he will take the sport to new heights. Bryce Hall certainly has a while to go but he’s on his way somewhere.

This fight is not happening anytime soon but the way it works these days if the people want it they will get it. I think Jake Paul versus Bryce Hall does happen one day and when it does it will be a huge event.

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