Jon Jones versus Isreal Adesanya The War of the Century!

Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya

Jon Jones versus Isreal Adesanya The War of the Century!

Time always passes and as it does our memory of the past begins to fade.

We only have time to remember the greatest moments. Those are the images that become the images of the past. When we think of great fights, certain things come to mind. We remember the great fighters and we remember their greatest foes.

What are the greatest fights of all time?

When I think of the greatest a few people come to mind. Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali, Chuck Liddell, and Jon Jones. There are so many more great fighters but when we first think of this idea a few people come to mind and so many are not thought about right away.

Great fighters have great fights but they also have a certain something that separates them from the rest. They simply are better. Jon Jones is the modern version of that ideology. Jon Jones is great, Jon Jones is the greatest. But who was Jon Jones’s greatest foe? When we look back at Jon Jones who was the man that really tested him?

Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson both lost. They were both tested and they both had great battles. I think of Ali vs Frazier or Ali vs Foreman. Moments where you thought Ali might be dominated or simply was dominated. The story of Tyson is a little different. Mike Tyson slaughtered his opponents, but he was tested Evander Holyfield and was ultimately defeated twice in their battles. Still we remember Tyson as the great hero and although Holyfield was the better man we seem to walk away with the memory of Tyson the heavyweight crusher.

If you ask me, there’s no greater opponent for Jon Jones then Israel Adesanya. Israel is almost as great as Jones. He’s so great but he’s been defeated and he’s not perfect. Jon Jones is perfect which is why there is a stigma that you can’t deny. Nobody can deny the greatness of Jon Jones because nobody has defeated the man.

It’s a long history of greatness under shadowed by a problematic man who for some reason shines brightest when he fights.

When we look back on Jon Jones what will be our most vivid memory? Will it be of him constantly winning or will it be a moment of defeat? The career of Jones has yet to be sealed meaning there’s more memories to be made.

Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya would be the biggest fight of our era. Both men are the biggest stars in the UFC and both are champions at the current time. The UFC light heavyweight title is vacant and having these two legends fight to become a double champion would be the perfect war.

It’s a fight that could captivate the masses and really put a stamp on our generation. Its is the one fight that could go down as the greatest memory of this moment in time. After all a fight is only as good s the fighters involved. It’s like making a fine car or a great meal you simply need the best ingredients. Jones and Adesanya are the best ingredients because the are the best fighters.

Only time will tell but this fight should come to fruition. It will happen and if not we all missed out on the war of the century.

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