Pearl Gonzalez vs Elle Brooke: Let the B*tches Bang

Elle Brooke vs Pearl Gonzalez

Pearl Gonzalez vs Elle Brooke: Let the B*tches Bang

Pearl Gonzalez is multi-talented. She’s not just a former UFC fighter, she’s a lot more. Pearl Gonzalez is currently boxing and as a boxer has a record of 2-1. She also tried bare-knuckle boxing and retired with a record of 2-1. She’s the type of person who is willing to try anything especially if the pay is right. Extremely marketable Pearl has not found it hard to pick up work outside the UFC promotion. She’s competed in Invicta FC as well as done color commentating for UFC and other organizations. Put simply Gonzalez has done it all and is ready for more. Pearl recently brought up a matchup that fans will not want to pass up.

Elle Brooke is mostly known for her OnlyFans account as well as her posts on Tik-Tok. But Elle is just like Pearl if the money is right she will do it. Both are business women and both have the ability to really grab the fans attention. Pearl is really looking to make some big news in the boxing world and so is Elle Brooke.

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Elle Brooke is (1-0) as a professional boxer. She just got started boxing and is being trained by Ebanie Bridges. Elle needs the right opponent to really get noticed in the sport of boxing. Jake Paul made a big name for himself knocking out MMA fighters and that might be just what Elle needs to do to really get her name in front of the fans.

So far Elle has one TKO victory against Faith Ordway. She’s proven that she has power but she still has a long way to go if she wants to be considered top ranked. The same is true for Pearl she’s new to the sport of boxing. Both women have big fan bases, both are popular.

These are the days of celebrity boxing and both fighters have distinct fanbases. Matching up Elle Brooke vs Pearl Gonzalez would be sure to open eyeballs and bring a lot of fans to the sport of boxing. Both have big fanbases and their fans are loyal and hardcore.

Pearl wants the fight and she’s expressed it on social media, the question is will Elle take the fight?

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